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It’s been a few weeks since the season five finale of How to Get Away with Murder and we’re still taking it all in as we wait to hear about a possible season six. Here’s the MFST take on the finale, “Please Say No One Else Is Dead”.

Quick recap: The Keating Four got Telesco fired for not protecting Laurel’s mom after Laurel went to her with her concerns, but she still had to be a jerk and called Gabriel’s mom to spill about his drugs. Elsewhere, Annalise and Tegan got Emmett out of jail and pointed the finger in the Castillos and Birkhead’s direction. Things aren’t all sunshine for him yet since he was seemingly poisoned by alcohol that was supposed to be his celebratory drink with Tegan. The last we saw him, he was lying on the floor of his office trying to breathe.

Fans also learned that Ron Miller wasn’t behind Nate Sr’s death and had actually tried to stop it, but Xavier couldn’t have that. Frank made sure the police officer who confessed to him lied to Bonnie to make her and Nate feel better about Miller’s demise. Annalise and Laurel went to see Xavier to tell him they were on to him. He called Birkhead after they left and the episode ended with Laurel going missing, Annalise yelling her name, and the others discovering that Christopher was gone as well.

My take on How to Get Away With Murder season 5, episode 15

Xavier sure was making his rounds telling lies to try to get everyone against Annalise. I wanted to care about him, but since this is the first episode we’ve really heard him speak and have full knowledge of his character, I wasn’t as interested in him. While I’m typically a fan of the secrets and how everything is typically revealed in flashbacks, I wasn’t a fan of Xavier’s scheming being revealed that way. I enjoyed the present moments with him more.

how to get away with murder season 5 episode 15As for the other Castillo, it was a bit confusing to have Laurel decide to write up legal papers for Connor and Oliver to have custody of Christopher if anything happened to her. Sure, she and Annalise weren’t on the best terms but you would think to make someone your child’s godparents isn’t just a willy nilly decision. The situation was written like she felt Frank and Annalise suddenly don’t care what happens to Christopher.

I’m more than happy that Telesco got fired. But she was super petty and called Gabriel’s mom anyway. I was getting tired of her character. As for other characters that are easy to dislike, Birkhead is the worse. Annalise’s mission to help the less fortunate of the state isn’t worth killing folks and working with the Castillos to kill people. I’m sure the FBI isn’t going to be happy with her going on TV and giving details of an ongoing case either. As for that cliffhanger, it fell short of the other cliffhangers we’ve seen during the series. If anything, I’m more worried for Christopher than I am Laurel. Here’s to hoping they’re both okay.

I’m giving How to Get Away with Murder, “Please Say No One Else Is Dead” an 8 out of 10.



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