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As the days get closer to the release of  ‘Suicide Squad’ and with the San Diego Comic Con going on, we are being treated to more footage and images. Yesterday was no exception as a trailer was released showcasing Jared Leto’s Joker. In the trailer we get to see in more detail just what Joker is up to in the film. But the trailer offers more than just his motivation, it gives us a glimpse into the character Jared Leto has created. Sure we know Joker wants to reunite with the love of his life, Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) but what else will Jared Leto’s Joker be remembered for in this film? If you have followed Leto’s work then  you know he is a serious method actor. His portrayal as Rayon in Dallas Buyers Club stole show and earned him an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. His transformation into Mark David Chapman for Chapter 27 was brilliant and showed the actor will go to any length for his roles, he gained 67 pounds.  Stories from the set of Suicide Squad tell tales of Leto staying in character throughout filming, playing pranks on cast members, and even reports that co-star Margot Robbie was terrified at times. Leto is not the first actor to go all in on the Joker character. Heath Ledger in 2008 completely transformed himself into the Clown Prince of Crime and was consumed by it. Ledger checked himself into a hotel room for six weeks, isolating himself from the world. During his time locked away he would study the character and work daily on getting the traits down.  The bar has been set high but it is one that I feel Leto can surpass and not only do I think he will steal the show but I also believe that he will be the greatest cinematic Joker we have ever seen.

No one can pass Ledger you say? Let me tell you how I think Leto’s Joker will be remembered.  I think Leto will be remembered as the most psychopathic Joker ever on-screen. I think fans will be truly mesmerized and terrified of him at the same time. To prepare for his role, Leto met with actual psychopaths and their doctors. “I did meet with people that were experts, doctors, psychiatrists that dealt with psychopaths and people who had committed horrendous crimes, and then I spent some time with those people themselves, people who have been institutionalized for great periods of time.”  I also think we will see a more dark and sadistic Joker in his relationship with Harley. The physical and mental abuse that he will bring upon her and others will be unlike any other Joker we have seen cinematic wise. I think for the Joker/Harley relationship to work they have to incorporate that aspect of it but it will hard to stomach for some.

I think Leto’s Joker will also be remembered for his manipulation and use of mind games to get into the heads of his victims like no other.  The film will explore the relationship between Joker and Harley Quinn, which we will get to see him manipulate a trained professional psychiatrist shows just how brilliant the Joker truly is. Also we know the power of mind games when it comes to Joker and Batman. We saw in Batman v Superman the toll it took on Bruce knowing that Joker killed Robin. Also the line Bruce says to Clark “We just have a history of freaks dressed like clowns” is further proof that Joker has gotten to Batman. It won’t just be Batman and Harley that Joker manipulates, I think we will see his relationship with Amanda Waller as well and how he is a threat to her program.

I think Leto will be remembered as the most flamboyant Joker. This Joker is very confident and stylish. His wardrobe for the film changes on many occasions and his outfits are truly remarkable. From suits to tuxedos to long purple jackets, from a walking cane to gold jewelry, his Joker stands out among the rest. I mean he even drives a purple car through the streets of Gotham. How much more confident can you get? This Joker will also be remembered for his body art, which some fans hate. When the first pic of Leto was released as Joker fans went nuts over the tattoos and grill that the Joker was sporting. The tattoos though are nothing new as Joker has had them in the comics before, though David Ayer (Director) did take liberties with his other markings. I love them and his body art tells his story with Batman and Robin. His art has meaning and he even will sport the dragon tattoo from the comics.

I think Leto’s Joker will also be a more physical Joker. In the comics Joker has never been able to defeat Batman in hand to hand combat, Leto’s teeth show he has tried, but I think his Joker will pose a more physical threat to Batman. We know he can play the mind games but I think we see just how physical he can be not with Batman mind you but the other Squad members.  I feel that Joker will be taken seriously in this movie and that his past with Batman will be well documented and he will be seen as a viable threat to others.

I think Leto’s Joker will remembered for having the most comic accurate persona and backstory. From the acid bath at Ace Chemicals to his time spent in Arkham with Harleen. I swear if Leto says “Croc old boy” I will lose it. Also just his relationship and backstory with Batman and the other  characters in Gotham will be a sight to see. The way he talks to people in the trailers and his laugh are so on point with Joker from the comics. I know we have to hear more but from what I have seen so far I think we have a winner. I think his mannerisms will be exactly how fans see the Joker from the comics and that will be a huge attribute to the work Leto put into becoming the character. I think we will get the gag and laughs Joker from the comics but we are also going to get a very serious and no-nonsense Joker that will stop at nothing to accomplish his task.

I have outlined some of the reasons on how I think Leto will be remembered as Joker but I would love to hear what you think. Do you agree with my points? Would you add something else or take something away from whats listed here? Maybe you think he will bomb and just be a goofy over the top knock off of past versions. I know there are some who are not sold on Leto or his look so that might factor into his reception once the film comes out.  I think Leto will do the character justice for the fans. Even the die-hard Ledger fans I think will be on board with Leto as Joker going forward. I feel Ayer made a great choice in selecting Jared Leto and come August 5th we are in for a ride.


Please comment below and let me know your thoughts. As always stay tuned to MFST for all your DC/Marvel news.


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