Each joker must present a prop that the other guys have thought up to a small focus group. The joker with the most hands raised wins.

Murr pull out a prop that looks like a small flute. They call it the tootie bird. Murr still looks a little perplexed as he twirls it in his hands until he’s instructed to uncover a veiled prop in the background that was unnoticed. It the bottom half of a mannequin.

He gives examples like being on a job interview or date and a fart slips out. He then demonstrates by shoving the “tootie bird” up the mannequins butt. A fart sound followed by birds chirping and singing is followed.

The group asks why the bird sounds didn’t mask the farting noise ? Q instructs Murr to say we tried an elephants roar but it didn’t make a difference. No hands were raised and Murr removes the whistle as the noises plays on. His excuse it was his tootie bird not the prototype.

Sal’s prop is a 6 and a half foot Darth Vader meets grim reaper with red lit eyes. It is called Mr. Nightlight. Its supposed to soothe children by assure them they aren’t alone and they are being watched over. It keeps saying go back to sleep little one and mmm guttural sounds.

A lady says it scares her to death and she disapproves of the sexual sounds. Another lady wants it to be a fluffy bear. When Sal says they could put the figure under the bed a man in the group says how about we put an arm reaching out from under the bed. Sal gets no hands raised.

Joe lifts out a modem circa 1990’s its supposed to have 100kb of speed. The original is 56. It connects to the phone line and is a dial up. Something only people from the 90’s would remember. He begins referencing 90’s celebrity’s like Elizabeth Hurley and Hugh Grant jpeg on the red carpet would take 9 minutes. Movies like Pierce Brosnan premiere as James Bond movie trailer would take 3 to 4 minutes. The video game Pong would work but nothing modern. The people do not make the connection and raise their hands. Joe then throws in that it will be available in 1994.

Q unveils Albert the artificial intelligence ATM robot. Its retinas are detached according to Sal. Q slides a credit/debit card into its mouth and is clueless about where to reach to find the money. If he was thinking like me i could understand why. I half expected for one of the guys to tell him to unzip the mannequin’s fly and pull it from there. Anyone familiar with the show will understand why. The money was in the pocket.

The group says its creepy to place the card in the hand not mouth. Q could only think of the excuse because of germs. The group isn’t biting and he receives no hands.

The next challenge is the boys are in central park pretending to be superheroes. They must approach two people and then try to save them from the person they are with. The reason will be picked by the other guys.

Sal approaches 2 men sitting on the park bench. Q jokes the one looks like him in the future while Murr says Q’s already there. Sal asks if the man needed help because the other man was boring him to death. Surprisingly the men agree and Sal tells him to liven up a bit. Sal wins.

Joe approaches a couple who later is revealed to be French. He asks the lady if she needs help. Then Joe must say “this mother fucker has drool pouring from his ears.” No response. He gives them a slow head turning stare. He then fist bumps passersby and then again must state I hate that guy. Mother fucker is pouring drool from his ears. Q comes out and fist bump and hugs Joe. After the two exchange the mother fucker phrase repeatedly Joe’s turn ends.
Q must ask a man seated with a dog at his feet if he can make the dog leave. Q approaches the dog and plays with it a bit. His line is he saw the dog dry humping a lady two blocks over. The guy tells Q no. When they tell Q to say he needed a good dry humping Q refused.

Murr must walk up to two men and ask if he could help by making the one leave because the guy was a fucking weirdo.

The men refuse and Murr states that he’s the fucking weirdo cause he hates people with hair.

Tonight’s loser is Q. His punishment starts out by putting sticky notes with quotes the guys have written for him. The guys call out a number and he places that note on the car.

They call pg 27. The note reads “you cut me off in traffic so I put a single booger on your car.” Q is purposely caught the woman doesn’t like it but lets it slide.

Next pg 18.”Your parked too close to the lines asshole” the lady actually thanked him. Page 21 he must place on a mans car and say “noticed you at the light will give you a full butt pic if your game” guy tells him no and leaves. Q’s embarrassed but cocky. Big mistake Joe calls him back to the office and gives him a gas can.

He must now pretend to siphon gas from gas tanks. He picks a truck since the tank doesn’t lock and is almost pummeled by the owner but reveals to the guy he’s on impractical jokers.

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