Impractical Jokers*After an issue with YouTube TV, Impractical Jokers aired with a delay*

The first challenge is titled House sitters. Each joker will interview both male and female applicants to house sit. The catch is they must explain the insane props laying around the house to the applicant. If they agree after seeing the props you win.

Murr is up first. He shows her a rope hanging out of the wall. He tells her she can hit on the wall then she can play tug of war with the next door neighbor. The neighbor almost pulls Murr through the wall.

He leads her to the bedroom. He is instructed to lean against the furniture. A surprised Murr nearly hits the floor when the furniture collapses in a heap. It is all break away except the bench which is solid.

An alarm sounds and Murr must run to the kitchen and grab a bowl. He stands under a shoot and catches a salad complete with dressing. The dressing lands on his head. The sitter is unsure about what to say. The alarm sounds once more and Murr must catch dressing with his mouth. Again his head also catches some. According to Murr the alarm is faulty and the young lady might have to catch salad dressing all day. She says yes.

Joe’s applicant is male and is greeted upon entry several litter boxes sitting near the door. A Tibetan monk named Chen pops up from the bar eating yodels. The bedroom has a guillotine on the dresser. There are beheaded dolls lying around.

Joe tells the guy the litter boxes were for guest to shit in at parties where Chen DJ’s and the behead dolls. Chen mostly takes care of things but the gentlemen must make sure Chen doesn’t run out of yodels. The guy agrees to house sit.

Sal is up. A male has applied for the house keeping job. Women sit in a semi circle talking and flipping through magazines. Breast pumps are attached to their boobs. He informs the young man he bottles and packages the top notch titty milk. The job applicant will need to swap out the buckets while Sal is gone.

Ripped furniture is shown in the living room area. Sal informs him of his pet. Audible scratching & growling is heard. The man is worried he could be harmed by Sal’s dog. Sal informs him its not his dog its his son.

In the bedroom a woman scientist wants a dog and a cat to breed. She keeps shouting in a thick Romanian accent Kiss Kiss before running Sal out. He explains its another business venture.

The bathroom is smoking and Sal shouts at Marie. He gets a yes from the man.

Q goes last. A bear trap on the floor with roasted chickens dangling from a a string above greets Q’s house sitter. Joe thinks he will explain it away as art. Instead Q says its a way for him to lose weight. He must fight for his food. He tells the man he can use his kitchen but the fridge really stinks. Behind the sofa on the floor lies a man/mannequin under a cover as if dead. He farts. Q thinks quickly and says its an art installation.

In the bedroom a priest is performing an exorcism on a little girl. To Q’s surprise the man agrees to house sit. No joker got turned down in this challenge.
In the second challenge called shadow shoppers the guys will be at the City Acres Market. They must follow customers around and say whatever the other guys tell them to.

Murr follows an athletic man with his dog. He says he must follow all undesirables. He begins saying out loud what the notes he is writing down . “Customer prefers name brand. Customer moves with purpose. Customer has a sic ass. Customer has shoulders for days.” He then asks the man if he could fudge the ethnicity to a female pacific islander. The guy says sure why not.

Joe asks a woman if she was there to buy fruit and shit. He offers her 10% off if she agrees to participate. He tells her he is not weird. She asks him about organic fruit. He starts rhyming thing with her name Maria. He asks if she has been to the galleria down the street with the pizzeria she can eat in the cafeteria. He must take a small watermelon from her hand declare it bad and bust it open over his knee. He succeeds and must scoop out the inside and eat it and declare its from the Gods. He again assures her he isn’t weird she gawks open mouthed at him.

Q must asks women if they would take a piss test before leaving the store if they want the 10% off. Both decline.

Sal must tell a lady from France asking about the mango’s that he doesn’t know where the fuck they originated at. “She tells him she is visiting for a month. He keeps calling her the victim. The victim is here a month. The victim moves slowly. Oh no she didn’t oh no she did” as she bags her produce. He must circle around and bump into her and say “i’m not here” finally while hiding behind a cart he must say the victim has seen me” he loses when he cant say “the victim is holding a cucumber without giggling. ”

Sal is tonight’s loser.

The boys return to white castle where Sal must work the drive thru window. His head set is useless cause Joe, Murr and Q will control what the customers hear. Sal must play the part.

Joe shocks Sal in a test run by saying welcome fu**face. Thankfully no cars were in line.

Murr keeps asking the first customer to move her car back and forth cause the intercom is touchy. He then tells her she better not be married cause he wants to date her. He sticks to what Murr says playing the role.

A man orders chicken wings and Murr makes a loud crash followed by gagging and moaning. Sal must answer the window acting like he’s hurt. When he takes the money he must pretend to get hurt again. The man just stares before driving off.

Joe makes a lady mad who wanted a coke. She bites into Sal before parking and walking inside to get her coke.

Q screams like James Brown into the set nearly giving the woman a heart attack. Sal must answer in a whisper before letting out his own rocker version of a scream. The lady nearly throws the money at him.

Finally a man places a very detailed order Sal must act like he’s hurried and impatient with the man. Thanks to Joe’s impersonation. He does so but then the man recognizes him and the punishment ends.

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