Impractical Jokers Urine Trouble

On last week’s episode of Impractical Jokers, the on the lookout challenge started with Q. His lunch had just been delivered and since he was hungry he brought it with him.
He goes over to a man who is checking out grapes and ask him how he should decide whether to buy any or not. The man tells him to take one try it if it tastes good to buy them.
Q gives the back story that Terry the store security officer kicks him out every chance he gets for eating burritos in the store. He asks the man to warn him if he sees the security guard by yelling the “I’m not saying she’s a gold digger” line from the Kanye West song.

Q walks away and pretends to shop. Terry walks over to the man who is sampling grapes. He doesn’t blink or react. Q comes back into the frame and the man tells him “he was just here”. Q tries to get him to say the line but Terry chases Q around the store. Q and the man strike up a conversation. Turns out the man is 77-year-old Dave Jacobs and tells Q he was a superhuman athlete. He actually proves it by YouTube video.

Each joker comes out pretending to be starstruck. Whether it was to pull Q’s leg or to make Jacobs feel special is clouded over in the episode. Many gather around the athlete for a photo op. Q’s miffed crew members celebrated Joe’s birthday and not his. Murr is up next. He asks a young mother with two boys checking out pineapples to help him.
His backstory is he married the store security guard’s ex-girlfriend and the guard harasses him every time he shops there. His line is “I’m hot for discounted ziti”. When the mother and sons see the guard one of the boys runs to Murr and delivers the line.

Sal is up next. Q tells him he will bet him $100.00 if he gets someone to help him on his first try. Sal cheats by asking a crew member to help. Q calls his colleague up and offers a $50.00 if he will leave Sal high and dry. He does. Sal loses the bet.  In his second-round, Sal approaches a young lady and gives his story about the guard. His line is “Stevie needs a bb”. The lady delivers the line to Sal and Sal escapes. Joe goes last.

He is standing with a bugged eyed lookout expression on his face acting like his attention is elsewhere. A lady approaches him and he offers his shopping basket to her in exchange for her help. She even asks what line should she say. His line is “punch my bunch”. She actually delivers the line. All the boys but Q had a lookout.

The Next Challenge

The second challenge is called long story short. Q is in a food court and sits at a table beside a man eating his lunch. Q states his wife’s birthday is coming up and he bought her something from Victoria Secret. He’s already in the dog house for putting a dead opossum in the backseat of his wife’s car. The backstory is she wants the tree in the yard cut because of a family of opossum live under it. He doesn’t so he strangled one and put it in the car. The animal played dead and attacked the wife in the car. She ran into the tree with the car totaling the car and downing the tree. The guy gets up walks off with Q still talking.

Sal tells a guy in the food court he needs shoes and is an out of towner. He is there because for 20 years he’s had the hots for a lady who’s hubby died in a car crash that morning he loved her. The widow became furious at the revelation. The man laughs and said that we all sometimes get caught up in the moment. Sal wins. Joe is on the phone pretending to talk to the guys about his son and makes a joke about his wife he later worries will come back to bite him in the ass. He tells a woman that he intentionally scares his daughter while she sleeps because she’s afraid of everything. He says he just wants to make his daughter be stronger. The lady agrees.

Murr says to the man at the food court he just moved there and the reason why was he pretended to be his blind neighbor’s wife for two weeks. The lady needed a break and left town. He agreed to be her. He dressed in her clothes, used a wig, and her perfume. He even tucked his manhood away so the hubby wouldn’t know. Murr tells the stranger the lady and her hubby only have sex one time a week. Implying he had sex with the woman’s hubby. It is assumed that is how the husband found out and why Murr had to move.
The man doesn’t agree and Murr loses.

The Night’s Loser

Tonight’s biggest loser is Q. He is a raffle ticket checker at Welnys.

He must find people whose name starts with a vowel until all 5 vowels are found. If a name starts with another letter he must deliver an uncomfortable line or insult straight to the person’s face. He gets and a and e right off the bat but when he finds a Jonathan he must deliver the line of “I don’t see a bulge in your pants”
He finds a lady whose name starts with u. The next is a Francine. Q begins laughing and says “fuck Francine”.Finally he says, “You aren’t going to win this but nose hair trimmers are cheap these days.”

He finds a Ted and must say “daddy’s little girl isn’t a little girl anymore.” Ted replies back with I wish he would say that stunning Q. Ted’s friend Keith is next. Q tells him to grow a pedophile mustache. He finds a John and Sal, Murr and Joe tell him they will let him buy an o if he says, “Speaking of old asses why don’t you stand up so we can look”. He begins trying to find the i vowel name. He finds a Christine he “tells balls are showing. “A Cindy “so you cut your own hair.” Leah “nice to see a few ethnics.” Magdalena “You smell like cats.” Angelina “You would be a match for my nana”. Victor “I see you’ve had some work done. I’m thinking about getting some done so who did you go to?”

The boys tell him they will end the punishment if the next person has an I in their name. The girl’s name is Jacky short for Jacilyn. Q’s relieved it’s over.

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