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On Thursday night’s episode of Impractical Jokers, the guys must be a tag team in the first challenge. At a restaurant called Outro’s, Q and Sal are partners. Q must first take the order of a couple. He’s then instructed to say to the guy “Order like a man, not a millennial. ” He does fine with meeting this challenge, but when he’s instructed to tell the lady “Don’t play the race card on me.”Q tags in Sal. Sal leads up to asking if its to stay or go? He then says “I don’t want you racing away and pulling the race card on me.”

Then, a lady orders an oat milk matcha and Sal is instructed to look down the front of his pants. He then mumbles to a co-worker about an STD he caught from a girl. The boys instruct him to reach down the front of his pants. He does what he’s told but abruptly leaves tagging in Q. When a lady walks up to the counter, Q is supposed to say to the woman that her outfit is hysterical. He can’t do it so Sal’s tagged in. Sal instead compliments the woman. Thus making his team the loser.

Murr and Joe are up next. Two men place their orders and Murr must say “You’re a lovely mother and son.” The men just look at each other completely confused. He then must say proast after many times, which we later learn means juice according to two other customers. Murr then says he shizters in his pants. He then runs around the counter and tickles the two men alternately while saying proast and shizters. He succeeds at the challenge.

Murr is supposed to say to the next customer “Chop chopchuckle head you going to order today ?” He can’t say it and tags in Joe. Joe has no qualms and says the line without blinking. Next, Murr and Joe alternate back and forth before double teaming a young lady. She has to make a derogatory remark about Joe or Murr’s looks. She’s way too nice but in the end, she forcibly calls Murr and Joe Santa a “baldy”. Murr and Joe win this round.

The Stock Boys Game

impractical jokers

At the food bazaar, the guys play stock boys. While stocking they must get a customer to deliver a message to their co-worker. Q and Sal are up. A young man who is listening to music while shopping walks past Q. The premise is Q and Sal cannot talk while working and the gentlemen need to deliver the message.

Q tells the man that Sal cannot have Jason Momoa as his free pass. The young man obliges and passes the message to Sal. He then asks him to tell Q to stop texting his wife and keep his nose out of his business. The guy goes back to Q and tells him Sal’s message. Q then sends him back under the pretense of getting the guy to let Sal hear a few lines of the song he’s listening to because he says Sal would like it but tells the guy Sal has no shot with Aquaman.

He again humors Q’s request. Sal listens briefly to the music and replies he likes it. He then asks the man to ask Q if he can have a ride. Q then tells the man, “Not after the mess he made last time.” After delivering the message to Sal he walks away. Sal loses and Q wins the game.

Joe and Murr are taking the other guys place on the floor. Joe stops an elderly man and tells him to say to Murr, “Fuck you and your whole family !” The man does it. Murr’s reply to Joe is “Fuck me? No Fuck you!” and he walks off. We think it’s over but Murr chases the man down and brings him back in the game.

It turns out that the man changed the message and tells Joe that Murr said he loves him. Joe tells the man to tell Murr back that he too loves him. After doing so, the man has had enough of the boys’ antics and walks off. Joe wins and Murr loses. Tonight’s biggest loser is Sal.

The Last Game of the Night

impractical jokers

The boys decide to play a psychological game with Sal. They pretend they’re filming a segment of challenges but it’s actually Sal’s punishment. In the background, there’s a bungee jumping crane. The guys then interrupt Sal while he’s giving the intro.

He quickly realizes that this is his punishment. They make him think that he has to bungee jump. He doesn’t. Sal’s wearing a brand new pair of brightly colored shoes that he loves. Unfortunately, the guys tell him he must walk through it. A pained expression comes on his face.

They then point out a cat adoption van. Sal hates cats but thinking it’s his punishment goes on board. The man over the adoption event thinks Sal is volunteering. After Sal confuses the man, the boys tell him to get off the van because it’s not his punishment.

City workers have two wheel barrows filled to the brim with manure. One of them is a fan and calls to Sal. The boys try to psych Sal into thinking he must dig through the manure. Again, Sal perplexes the worker who tells him to stay out of the fecal matter.

They then tell Sal to shout out to a man in an outdoor restaurant booth to stop slouching. As he approaches, Sal realizes the man is his dad. After they hug, Benjamin’s cat shows up. Sal’s almost in tears begging the guys that he wants to know his punishment so he can get it over with already. He’s then told he has just completed it. So…mind game anyone?

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