Impractical Jokers

This week’s episode of Impractical Jokers took the boys to Body By Brooklyn where they will be receiving massages. The boys must say and do whatever the other guys tell them via earpiece. Joe starts the Touch and Go challenge. He apologizes to the masseuse that his body is so disgusting. The other guys have hidden one-dollar bills in the massage tables undercarriage. Joe must hand the bills one after the other to his masseuse.

Things get a little weird when Joe tries to place the bill in the masseuse’s pocket close to the man’s crotch and then proceeds to pat the man on the thigh. He also is told to deduct payment for the masseuse hitting the wrong spot. Next, Joe falls off the bed. The masseuse is embarrassed and concerned for Joe. He’s is instructed to say “You can rest your belly on my head if you want.” When the boys instruct him to say to his masseuse that he could rest anything he wanted on his head, Joe decided to take a loss.

Snobbish Success

Next up, Murr must make his masseuse roll his eyes if Murr wants to win the challenge. Murr stated via his Twitter he has never gotten another massage after this episode. Murr comes in strong with a snobby rich character. He tells his masseuse he has a yacht on Turks and Caiccos island. Murr tell him he drinking Dom Perignon and trying to share his watch collection. He was upset the sun was interfering with the lighting. He tells the masseuse about his family motto and crest. Murr states that he is stressed despite having the girl, the job and salary and boat, because he is in love with another man’s wife. The masseuse has let him prattle on until Murr talks about buying his rival’s business and mentioned the man’s wife’s name as Mildred. It’s then the masseuse rolls his eyes.

Next is Q. He is lying face down and must extend his arm to do a sort of upside down handshake with his masseuse. Q tells her she can pull his hair if she likes. He then makes up a name for body part that doesn’t exist. Q chooses terry folds. He tells her he always wanted to be a masseuse but must live vicariously through her. Q is instructed to tell her under his breath that the massage is so gross. He then grabs a secreted twinkie and must start eating it. His masseuse can’t figure out where it came from and asks. Q’s only reply was she wouldn’t believe where it came from and offers her a bite. He wins this challenge.

Misheard Requests

Sal is next. He fakes a shoulder injury that he needs massaged. He smacks his right shoulder and tells her to get it. Sal asks her to make it jiggle. She acts perplexed but then does her best to comply with Sal’s terminology. Unfortunately for Sal, she gets a little too deep into kneading his muscles and he flinches. Q tells Sal to pretend he has snuck out to get a massage while his wife lay dying in the hospital. Sal misunderstands and tell the masseuse her water could break and she could have the baby.

Q corrects him and then they tell him to commiserate about how hard it is that he must stay couped up with his ailing wife and her depression. Toward the end, he says he sneaks out when she falls back into a coma. Finally,  Joe tells Sal to have his masseuse turn off the hidden camera on his left. Sal can’t believe what he heard but complies. The masseuse isn’t at all shocked and does as Sal asks.

New Challenge

The next challenge is titled “Bad Ad’. The boys must show an ad dedication in his child’s yearbook and get the stranger to agree that the ad is appropriate. If they disagree, that joker loses. First up is Murr. He has placed an ad of himself in his son’s yearbook congratulating him on graduating. He comes across as an egotistical asshole who states he cropped his son out of the pic. The stranger asks about why Murr’s wife wasn’t also in the pic. Finally based on Murr’s answers, the stranger disagrees.

Sal is next. He shows the man a pic of an older model of car painted pink. He calls it the Pussy car that he is giving his son, so his son can get laid. The stranger tells Sal that he sees nothing wrong with it. Joe puts an ad in his daughter’s yearbook asking for donations for his daughter’s college fund. He tells the stranger he lost the money making bad bets. The stranger doesn’t agree. Q closes the challenge pretending he is a neighbor who placed an ad in the yearbook for the boy next door. Q pretends he run a pizzeria and is offering single mothers free zappolis. The lady doesn’t agree.

Taking an L

Joe was last night’s biggest loser. His punishment: covered head to toe in sunblock. The catch is he must get someone else to apply it. He appears in the park wearing blue shorts and carrying a canvas bag. Only his nose has sunblock. He makes his belly extend to look pregnant. Q allows Joe to only apply sunblock to his nipples. His first attempt to garner help is declined. A fan from India approaches him. Joe lies and hides the earpiece telling the fan they aren’t filming.

The young man rubs lotion on Joe’s back, arms, belly, and face. Even the inside of his thigh just centimeters from Joe’s crotch. Murr tells Joe that if he gets an erection the punishment will be over. The fan just keeps gabbing away to Joe about the show. Joe never does get that erection. Eventually Q, Murr, and Sal come out to introduce themselves. The young man is ecstatic he gets to meet Sal his favorite and can’t stop hugging him.

Impractical Jokers airs Thursdays on TruTV.


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