impractical jokersThe Impractical Jokers is a hidden camera TV show featuring four men who have known each other since they were kids. They compete to see which of the members can embarrass each other the most. If anyone refuses to do what the other guys tell him to do, they lose. The guy with the most losses in the episode has to go through the big punishment.

It is nothing to see the guys naked or to get married to another one of the guys sister. Some have been forced to face their fear of cats, tarantulas and skydiving. That is just to name a few.

The series has since been renewed for a ninth season. The boys are currently on tour as the Tenderloins comedy group.

Tonight’s episode had James Murray “Murr”, Brian Quinn “Q”, Joe Gatto and Salvatore Vulcano “Sal” being featured in a documentary being filmed by the joker’s own crew. Whoever laughs the most loses.

Murr was joined by a young lady named Dana.Their first question was how would you describe being in love? Dana says its like being with your best friend. Murr’s response is it is like ice cream you can’t eat with your mouth. The next question how do you meet new dating partners? Dana states she thought it would be apps but instead it is networking. Murr says senior centers where you find a hot granny the talk to the hot granddaughter to see if her granny would be interested in dating him. The last question was what three things does Murr look for in a relationship? His reply is to dominate his girl mind, body and spirit. Murr laughed two times.

Next is Q. His first question was how do you attract a new partner he replied booty shorts running around the Javitz. When Q and Calvin get ask who their celebrity crush is Calvin list Kourtney Kardashian while Q pretends his is Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam who he pretends is a girl. The next question was what would make you move in with a girl? Q’s answer the girl must wash her ass. Calvin doesn’t know whether to be shocked or grossed out. The last question was what advice would you give newly weds. Q’s answer again was wash their ass. Q laughed twice.

Joe goes next who shares the spotlight with Bonnie. Their first question was about favorite place to meet people Bonnie says she loves a Korean dinner. Joe instead says he attended a medieval restaurant where he was shot with a crossbow by a rogue falconer. The next question was favorite secret cooking tip. Bonnie says a Japanese fish stock. Joe keeps acting like he has one then flakes. When asked about a favorite food memory he states the sopressata at his mom’s funeral. Joe laughs once.

Next up is Sal. He is asked what his favorite breakfast is. He says panda balls in almond milk and quickly backtracks to lucky charms. Asked about vacation he says he doesn’t because his legs were made wrong. The last question was what does a good server do? Sal’s response was chase the sea urchins away while he eats caviar. He laughs three times taking him in the lead to be loser.

The next challenge was one involving marshmallows at a food bazaar. The jokers were paired off and each given different colored marshmallows. The object is to stand in an adjacent aisle and try to get your marshmallows in the unsuspecting customers shopping cart.

Sal vs Murr first was the draw in the second round–Sal won. Next round was Q vs Joe. First round was a tie but the second, Joe won. The boys got caught a couple times by angry customers. In the battle royale Sal vs Joe, it became very close with Sal-6 Joe-7. Sal is tonight’s biggest loser.

The punishment is for Sal to pretend to be a maitre’d at Delmonico’s restaurant and turn away everyone with a reservation. Everyone he meets tries to find a way around Sal’s excuses, most demand a manager. Especially a couple whose table was given to “Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon” which were a pair of guys who looked nothing like the celebrities. During the dinner rush Sal must allow a crowd to build up and then tell them he can get them a seat only if they drop him a twenty. Finally a group of women do thus ending Sal’s torture.

The episode ends with a throwback to an earlier episode where someone ate a chicken leg and then place the eaten chicken back into the bucket of untouched chicken. Apparently the culprit was filmed but not revealed in the episode. Impractical Jokers air Thursday at ten.

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