impractical jokersThe Impractical Jokers episode started with the first challenge, Laugh Man Standing. The guys are in a waiting room during a group session. Each guy is armed with gags to try to make the rest laugh.

Sal pulls out a tube of deoderant twists it up and began eating it. Murr places his hand over his mouth to suppress a gag. I have no idea if it was actual deodorant or an empty container with an edible item instead.

Q unzips his hoodie to reveal Joe’s daughter’s name and the phrase bachelorette party emblazoned on the front. Joe unzips his hoodie to one up Q. Joe’s shirt says the last beef.

Murr asks about a bathroom and then jumps on his modo bag like a scooter and then races down the hall. Sal looses it and like a towel unzips his hoodie and throws it on the chair. In a last ditch effort( his shirt has boobs that have been blurred out ) tries to take out a fellow joker.

A man dressed as for lack of a better description kool aide pitcher enters the area trying to push his way out the door. Sal’s screaming for the guy to turn around. After awhile he does and Murr informs him to push the button to get out. The man frees himself. Murr begins laughing and leaves to join Sal. The prank was a joke Murr had thought up but it had been played out badly. That was Murr’s excuse to laugh.

It’s now down to Joe and Q. Joe receives a call from his parents whom he tells he will come and get them. Sal, Murr and Q know its impossible since Joe’s parents are dead. He comes in with two skeletons strapped to him dressed as a male and female. He then looks over at Q and says to his parent’s lets do the roller coaster. While Joe and his parents take an imaginary carpet ride on the coaster Q almost laughs but catches himself in the nick of time.

Q gets up walks behind Joe and attempts to cartwheel down the hallway. Hes briefly replaced by a stuntman in a bad beard who cartwheels multiple times before Q cartwheels back into frame. Sal and Murr are amazed at both Joe and Q didn’t resilience to not laugh and tell them they both win that round.

The next round is called Partners in Poultry. The guys are in a restaurant. They must get the customers to react to them and play along with the prank. Q and Murr are partners.

Q must walk up to a customer and say “Watch your ass bucko your in hill country now”. Murr tries to be helpful but ad-libs from the script and is reprimanded by Q. They are told to ask male customers to talk about their chest hair and the customer must allow Q and Murr to touch his chest hair and the customer must touch their’s in return.

At this point Murr reveals his past shaving history now he lasers the hair off. He takes a ribbing from Q. The customer follows the boys lead and they move on to a different customer.

The scene cuts to Q and Murr having a silent movie fight then they hug and began fighting all over again. A customer begins filming them and Murr is told to turn slowly and confront the customer. The guy lowers his phone in time and tries to act nonchalant.

The final challenge for Q and Murr are to sit down hold hands across the table and then kiss. Murr starts to but Q isn’t having it. They lose this round.

Joe and Sal are up they are instructed to ask another patron to look in their mouths. What seems difficult actually becomes easy. The man tells Sal he needs to see an orthodontist but Joe’s teeth are perfect. They even get him to open his mouth while they open their’s.

Sal and Joe sit down and must make chomping noises while the people across the aisle from are eating. Sal spills his water and it gets Joe to laughing along with Sal. Finally they must face the men stare at them and make the noises. Afterward Joe and Sal must kiss. Joe wants to in order to win Sal says he is sick. After much coaxing the guys kiss for a nanosecond.

Tonight’s big loser is Murr. The boys team up with Murr’s favorite musician Yanni. Murr must play the worst camera man. He’s elated to be onstage with Yanni but angry he must ruin Yanni’s performance. He first blocks out Yanni on the big screen all you see is Murr’s shadow. He then kneels and forgets to film. Has to play peek a boo. Then must put his face in the shot. He climbs atop the piano and scratches his ass. Climbs down to get a close up of Yanni’s mustache. Hitting the keys and must apologize verbally blocking out the audio of the performance. He pans to face the audience who is booing and telling him to get off stage. He finally has to film doing squats and jumping before Yanni stops playing and confronts him.

The punishment isn’t over until he tells Yanni that Murr can play Yanni’s song One Man’s Dream. Murr has had lessons but can not play. He fumbles it and Yanni takes over while Murr joins the other jokers.

F.y.i. ‘Q’ a.k.a Tony Gunk unmasked the chicken bone bandit as camera man Matt Raines. His punishment a permanent tattoo of a half eaten chicken leg with bandit printed at the bottom of his calf.

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