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Thursday’s episode of Impractical Jokers opened with the boys being waiters at Katz Deli, made famous not just for their sandwiches, but also for the infamous orgasm scene between Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan the movie When Harry Met Sally.

First up is Sal. He must stop a guy wearing a backpack and say “I made 250,000 in tips last year. So take your condescending looks and shove them down your penis.” He actually says the line without flinching. Next, he must walk over to a table and take off with the beer. He is instructed to begin sipping it. The lady then sics her boyfriend on Sal who walks away and comes back pretending to be the manager after the boyfriend complains.

He must next start talking in people’s ears. When he tries to force more pickles on one tables plates they become agitated. Sal is then instructed to yell then walk away and sob. Sal completes the challenge and even gets the irate table to fetch him to come back and accept the pickles.

Some Challenges A Just Too Much for Q

Impractical JokersQ is next. He must pretend he came into work sick and dry heave anytime he waits on someone. Sal begins to nearly throw up on Joe and Murr. They quickly change tactics. Q must then walk up to an elderly lady and say” thank you for being a friend.” A line made famous in the late 80s on The Golden Girls. His last challenge for this round is to compliment a guy with a large Adam’s apple. In the end, he must take a loss when he refuses to say he would take a bite out of it.

Joe must nose patrons while they try to find their tables and get pictures at the deli. He then walks over and starts talking to the customer whom Sal stole the beer from and tell him Sal was shit canned. He must repeat shit-canned multiple times. Lastly, Joe must dig through people’s leftovers and eat. He obliges, eating pickles.

Last Up

Murr is last up in this challenge. He must steal a person’s chair, carry it off, and the take it back. Murr insists they get up so the chair can be placed in the original spot. He has to say tips are appreciated but not necessary. I doubt from the look on their faces he got a tip. He then pretends a customer is M.Night Shyamalan. The man, whose real name is Wally, let him take a pic.

Murr has to freestyle rap when a customer wanted to have her sandwich wrapped to go. He can’t so he is up on the loser board. The next challenge involves getting park-goers to agree with an unpopular opinion they have. If they can’t they lose.

Murr is first and spots crewman Terry. He then begins telling the young lady sitting beside him that Terry should wear a hat year-round due to his baldness. For those who don’t know, Murr has very little hair and keeps it cut short. (No offense Murr). The girl doesn’t agree. Next is Joe. He sees a guy carrying a bouquet and tries to convince two ladies that plant genitals shouldn’t be given as gifts. They think he’s weird and do not agree.

Fire and the First Agreement

Sal wants a man riding a unicycle to burn to death either here or in the afterlife. At first, the lady shakes her head at Sal’s lunacy but then agrees. Sal can’t believe his luck. Q is last. Another crew member named Chase shows up dressed as a cowboy prostitute. Q must get the guy sitting next to him to agree the park needs more hookers. Reluctantly, the man agrees. Chase parades around a little before approaching Q and asking how much. Chase went from hooker to john in three seconds. Q laughs and then walks away holding Chase’s hand.

impractical jokers sucks for youMurr was Thursday’s biggest loser. His punishment is to be professor Dexter Scott and give a speech at a tech convention. The catch is that there is tubing on the microphone with both helium and sulfur hexafluoride. Sulfur will lower his voice to villain comic book levels while helium will make him sound like Alvin and the Chipmunks falsetto.

The speech is to be about a broken engagement and losing not just a fiancee but his patent to a megabyte. In between, Murr must alternate between geek and crazed artificial intelligence machine.
The episode ends with extras of Sal whispering about crop-dusting to a customer eating at Katz’s deli and Murr confusing another customer for Seth Rogen. Murr can’t even come up with any of the movie titles Seth has starred in. Joe’s deleted scene at the park consists of calling bearded men felons and begins poking fun at the other jokers and celebrities both male and female.

Impractical Jokers airs Thursdays on TRU TV.


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