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Thursday night’s episode opened with the jokers at Universal Studios Hollywood. The boys each split up to find rides except Q who tries to jump in the fountain before Joe stops him.

The first challenge is called Shady Surveys. The boys must stop park goers to ask them to participate in surveys. Sal is up first and is immediately ribbed by the guys for his windshield sunglasses. According to Sal his face is covered his balls are not.

Sal must get a gentleman to answer using only sounds to the survey questions he is being ask.

Sal tries to reassure him to not be nervous he’s as harmless as a pussy willow in a kittens mouth.The man is asked are you having fun ? He responds with “yay”. How did you get here ? He starts to respond with but with words not sounds and Sal reminds him. The two stand around making car sounds. His next question was favorite zoo animal ? Again Sal must remind him to answer with sounds to which the man roars like a lion. Sal then tears up the survey.

Sal surveys a man from Louisiana. Trying to convince the man hes is divorced with grandchildren is 5-foot 250-pounds and African American. Before removing his windshield sunglasses and blaming them for the mistake.

Next is Q a woman is ask what her favorite ride was? To which she replies “Walking Dead.” He asks her if she has eaten anything? She answers no, drink only. The guys tell him to ask her how long it would be before she peed it out? Her response was an hour and it would only take her a minute to do so. Q is to tell her she looks hot. “Would you like me to spray you with an old hose?” She says no, she stays cold.

He must ask a guy about who he came to the park with? He says his mother. Q makes him hand over his back pack for Q to put on. Then proceeds to exchange accessories with the young man. Q hands over his sunglasses and apple watch. The young man must give Q his hat and bracelet. Q hands him the clipboard with the questions.

After the young man asks Q answers to the survey Q tells him he must go so he can enjoy the rides with his family. Walking off with the mans belongings. Two men one of them is muscular are approached by Q.When Joe tells Q to say nice ponytail cupcake. Q decides to hand over the gift card. He is first on the loser board.

Murr is next he is to throw pennies at a couple after each answer. He ask about whats their favorite ride ? They respond tram. He throws some pennies. Whats their favorite food? the man replies burger. More pennies thrown. Last question was thing they are most excited for at the park? Again they say tram. As Murr reaches in his pocket to get more change ,he is instructed to say he’s out of pennies and to stare awkwardly at them til they leave.

When that doesn’t happen he has to respond “okay byeeee”.

Next survey participants are a family from Illinois. He has to ask them are they beef jerky consumers. They respond yes.

For some reason the episode cuts to a couple. Their question is favorite ride? which was the transformers. Murr then asks to cut a lock of hair from one of them. The man agrees shocking Joe, Sal and Q that anyone would agree.

Joe is up and must convince Joy from Sherman Oaks California he is related to her. As Joe asks for her family tree he gets more enthusiastic before telling her she’s his mother. She laughs and hugs him.

This part made my head spin i could not keep up with the names. Good thing Joe could without skipping a beat. A young couple approaches Joe to ask where the entrance line was to Waterworld.

He is told to orbit them while giving confusing directions. He then walks between the couple holding their hands while asking where they are going.

The next challenge is called copy that. The boys are given a harmless statement. They have to utter the phrase to whatever question is ask of them.

Q is sweeping litter outside the Jurassic world ride. His walkie talkie goes off. Q’s phrase is “it’s my duty sir.” Q already knows whats coming or should i say going. Murr asks Q if he left a double decker in the staff breakroom’s bathroom. Q responds “it’s my duty (doodie) sir.” Murr asks whats the difference between a lower decker? Q says “lower decker is a regular poop” Murr informs Q he is now on bathroom duty. Q’s only response is “it’s my duty sir”

Joe is up next. He is asked by Murr how he practiced kissing his wife on their wedding day? Joe’s phrase is “with a mop” Murr pretends he doesn’t comprehend what Joe is saying. He asks a lady to clarify before Murr ends the conversation.

Murr approaches a man who has recorded his adventure on The Mummy ride and has uploaded it to YouTube. Murr receives directions from the other jokers to make the man think he has done something illegal by filming and uploading the video. Murr must call him a mad man. It’s then Q tells Murr the line is “its not mayo its mustard”. Q asks Murr if he dumped mayo on a toddlers head which Murr replies and tells the “illegal uploader” he did it because the boy was having too much fun. The guy now thinks Murr is a madman.

Sal is last. His line is adios muchacho. Q radios him and says he’s dying which Sal replies with his line. Q repeats himself saying he has two weeks left and begins hacking. Joe’s laughing like a hyena can clearly be heard in the background. Q keeps up the charade by telling Sal he’s cold. Sal then callously replies i told you adios muchacho 3 times and begins explaining its meaning. He pretends to call and employee to cover him the following week cause Brian is a goner.

Q is tonights biggest loser. He has to ride the studio back-lot tour tram and keep pulling the emergency brake to stop the tour. The tour guide is in on it.

Q first stops the tour on New York Street just after Hill Valley (Back To The Future.) The tour guide gets out and ask Q if its an emergency. Q asks what time the park closed. At the backlot where they filmed hairspray he pulls it again and the tour guide asks what he needs. He asks if they could slow down to take photo ops.

At Nacho Libres (Jack Black) he pulls the cord to inquire how much longer the tour is . When he is told 45 minutes he says he must rearrange his day.

As soon as it starts he pulls it again to apologize to tour guide for getting off on the wrong foot. People including the kids want to kill Q. They must now skip parts of the tour due to lack of time.

Finally as they near Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Q pulls the cord a final time before the tour guide loses his temper and has security remove Q from the tram. Passengers rejoice.

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