Thursday’s episode of Impractical Jokers opened with the boys standing outside Ben’s Kosher Deli explaining how tonight’s first challenge will go down.

The boys must get customers to agree to pay a ridiculous surcharge on their receipt. If you can’t get the customer to do so you lose. Q is the first contender in the phony fees challenge. He goes over the bill with the customer listing the man’s order before adding the $5.00 charge for using the cell phone. The customer isn’t pleased despite Q’s explanation of cell phone clogging the internet service. A fellow customer sticks his nose in Q’s business helping to sabotage Q’s win.

When the man goes to pay at the register, he refuses to pay the charge. Q loses.

Next up is Sal. Sal pretends to see a regular customer before going over to a couple’s table. He too reads off the receipt and says there is a $4.00 price gouge. The man and woman laugh and can not understand why instead of gouging just raise prices. At this point, they find Sal a little weird. They though agree to pay the charge so Sal wins.

Next is Murr when he gives a male customer his bill plus a charge of $8.00 for staying at the restaurant for too long. Murr can’t even step away from the table. The man outright told Murr he’s not paying the charge. With a parting shot, Murr calls over his shoulder. I hope you enjoyed your lunch, but next time don’t stay as long. When the man leaves, he refuses the charge. Murr loses.

Joe is up for the final round of this challenge. He walks over to a lady with a teenager having lunch. He tells her the price of her bill will include a $5.00 charge for excessive messiness. The lady can’t believe what she is hearing. Joe explains 3 or more trips to clear the table gets the charge. As she is leaving she wants to pay in full extra charge and all. The boys give her a free lunch and $10.00 extra for being a good sport.

The second challenge of the night was titled smells like team spirit. The boys are at a conference center. If they can’t get people to raise enough hands for saying they learned something from the lecture that team loses.

Sal and Murr are partners. They are instructed to do a soul train dance party. Murr must lead. Sal is instructed to interrupt and jump in front of another man in line. Sal dances. Then when its Alexa’s turn they skip her and go to the next person.

As the group takes there seats Sal draws everyone’s attention and asks them why they didn’t stick up for Alexa? He then makes Alexa danced by herself in front of her co-workers. She obliges.

The boys ask the group to write down a famous person or movie on index cards. The group does. Murr and Sal then play charades with the answers. Murr acts out the answer and Sal must guess.

Joe and Q tell Murr to not even remotely to act out what the answer is. The first answer was Obama the next the movie Titanic. The group is puzzled how Sal can know the answers when Murr is acting like he’s playing tennis during the titanic charade.

Next up Murr is allowed to act out Jurassic Park. Sal is yelling out Ginsberg and asthma as answers while Murr is clearly a dinosaur. Last charade for the boys is Italy which Sal guesses.

Sal then asks Murr to blindfold himself and hold a hula hoop while Sal fires tennis balls at him. It was supposed to demonstrate how you need to trust each other. Murr takes several hits before going down.

Only three people say they learned anything.

Joe and Q are teamed together. They are told to draw an unflattering pic of a person in the room. Joe draws a person with big ears and tells them its Lance. The positive attribute he tells the room is Lance is a good listener. Q draws a man fitting Lance description but with massive boobs. Q tells the group the boobs are to imply nurturing.

Next, Joe receives a text and must leave the room and take the call outside on the ledge. Q acts normal as Joe is seen in the background ranting and raving on the ledge for the group to see. A lady draws Q’s attention to what Joe is doing and Q makes him come back inside. Joe says he thought the ledge was a terrace.

Next up Joe and Q must play a game called animals. They must make the sound of the animals and then move closer to each other after each sound. Q and Joe make cow mooing sounds, snakes hissing, cat meowing, whales calling and owls hoo-ing. Once they get to the owl noise Q and Joe are nose to nose and mouth to mouth. They must then ask the group to do the same.

The group declines but five people say they learned something. Q and Joe’s team wins.

Tonight’s biggest loser is Murr.

He will be a corrupt carnival worker at Coney Island. The game is rigged so everyone who plays wins. The problem is Murr isn’t to give out prizes. The first is a little girl she sinks two balls off a bulls-eye and into the hole. His excuse for not giving her a prize is that she was only to throw one in the hole.

Chase is asked to come in and make Murr look bad as he reads off ridiculous rules to carnival-goers. From only one ball in the hole, no swearing or finger tipping, three forms of id.

After a no-nonsense couple looks like they will beat Murr up. He gives a prize to one girl but not her companion. After a brief argument, the lady walks away. His last customers were a father-daughter pair. Both win but only the dad has 3 forms of id. Eventually, the father and daughter each get their prizes and Murr gets to leave.

I don’t know if anyone noticed but tonight’s episode flew by. Or was it just me?

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