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The Injustice 2 trailer was released last week and it looked pretty good to say the least, so since that trailer dropped we’ve been getting a few more confirmations on some characters being in the game and we’ve also gotten some rumors. One of those rumors is the alleged entire character roster for the game.

So I’m going to go through all these characters, I’ll do the ones that are definitely confirmed first and then we’ll go through the new possible ones. So let’s see who we’ve got.

Spoilers ahead for the first Injustice game and the Injustice comics


superman injustice 2

It’s a surprise to no one that Superman is in this game, I mean he’s arguably DC’s most well-known character, probably even the most well-known superhero of all time. Superman was in the first Injustice and that game took his character to some very dark places, Superman is my favorite superhero and that game had me seriously hating him at some points. It looks like the sequel will also be putting the Man of Steel in a dark light. His suit seems to have changed significantly since the first game, especially with the reduced size of the House of El emblem. From the Injustice website it seems that Superman is still in prison after his wrongdoings in the first game, whether or not he’s still evil remains to be seen.


batman injustice 2

Up next is the world’s greatest detective.  In the first game Batman was the leader of the Insurgency against Superman’s Regime and if the trailer is any indication, it seems that he’ll be going up against the Kryptonian again in the sequel. Batman’s suit looks more buffed up and mechanical than he did in the first game but that is pretty much the case for every character we’ve seen so far. I’m liking his suit so far though as having one like this does suit with Bruce’s other ones.


supergirl injustice 2

The last daughter of Krypton didn’t appear in the first game but it’s in no way surprising that she’ll be in the second one because of how popular the Supergirl TV show is becoming. For those who don’t know much about the character, she is the cousin of Superman and is older than him by about ten years. She’s more powerful than Superman as well. It seems that at some point she’ll be getting a DLC skin that changes her to Powergirl, which is the Earth – 2 Supergirl.



wonder woman injustice 2

Wonder Woman was in the first game and was a member of Superman’s Regime, it doesn’t look like she’s changed much from the first game as even what we’ve seen of her costume is pretty similar to the first. According to the Injustice 2 website, Diana is still exiled from Themyscira and remains in hiding after Superman was imprisoned, she still believes in the Regime and is waiting for an opportunity to strike back at Batman.



the flash injustice 2

Barry Allen appeared in the first game and was a member of Superman’s Regime, but even from the beginning he had doubts about whether Superman was the good guy or not, this ended with Barry switching sides to Batman’s Insurgency at the last second. The public eye viewed Flash as a villain and the scarlet speedster hung up his boots. One of my favorite things in the first game was The Flash’s suit, and it looks like not much has changed for the second one which I think is great. It seems in the second game that Barry will attempt to redeem himself and once again become a hero. Just like with Supergirl, Flash will be getting a DLC skin that will change him to Reverse Flash.


aquaman injustice

In the first game, the king of Atlantis was a member of Superman’s Regime and he his people were defeated along with Superman, it looks like he has taken Atlantis into hiding after his defeat. Aquaman was one of my favorite characters to play as in the first game so I’m looking forward to seeing more gameplay of him in the near future.



green lantern injustice

Because of how big a DC character that Green Lantern is it’s pretty much certain that he’s gonna be in the game, unfortunately we have next to no information about what he’ll be like in it. All we do know is that there’ll be a DLC John Stewart skin for him. In the first game and comics Hal Jordan joined up with Superman almost straight away and even joined up with Sinestro in the Yellow Lantern Corps.



blue beetle injusice 2

Blue Beetle is a great DC character that not enough people know about and I could not be more pumped that he’ll be in the game. Jamie Reyes was infused with the Blue Beetle scarab and while he knows that if this scarab was released on the people of Earth it could destroy them, he doesn’t let this stop him from being a hero. If you want to learn more about the character he had a huge story arc in Young Justice season 2 and even appeared near the end of Smallville. Also little known fact is that Ted Kord who was also Blue Beetle was supposed to be in Arrow and then Legends of Tomorrow but DC said no and they ended up with Ray Palmer AKA The Atom instead.



harley quinn injustice 2

After Suicide Squad it was pretty much a no brainier that Harley would be in the game also since of her huge arc in the first game. After Superman killed Joker, Harley began her crusade against the Regime, this ultimately led to her being in Batman’s Insurgency but I highly doubt the two will be on good terms in this game. It also seems that she still wants vengeance for the death of Joker and will probably continue after Superman. Her costume in this is kinda different from the first game and definitely seems more Suicide Squadish.



 deadshot injustice 2

Floyd Lawton didn’t appear in the first game but once again after Suicide Squad, it’s of no surprise he’s in this one. His costume also really looks like the movie version as well. From what we can see on the website it looks like Floyd escaped prison during the Regime’s reign and once again operates as an assassin for hire but Gorilla Grodd has gained access to the trigger for the bomb inside his head, it’ll be interesting to see where the game takes his character.



gorilla grodd injustice 2

The telepathic mind controlling gorilla wasn’t in the first game but will make a very welcome addition to the second one. Grodd has gained a lot of popularity over the past two years because of his appearances on The Flash and he’s set to return again this season (Gorilla City please?) and I am very excited to see him in this game as he could be a really cool character to play as and a powerhouse, think of all the cool moves and finishers he could have. Besides knowing that he has the trigger to Deadshot’s head we also know that he’ll be forming an Anti – Justice League of sorts in the game and that he’ll be attempting to fill the gap that the Regime left wide open.



 atrocitus injustice 2

Atrocitus is a member of the Red Lantern Corps and wasn’t in the first game and in my opinion is kind of a weird choice to be in this game, I’m not complaining at all, he’s a very interesting character but i’m just not sure how he might fit into the overall story unless he’s seeking vengeance on the Yellow Lanterns maybe. I’m really hoping at some point Atrocitus and Supergirl have some good stuff because of how tied to the Red Lanterns, Supergirl is. It says on the website that his character will be going after the Sinestro Corps and sees Earth as a target since the Regime is gone. I really want to see more gameplay of this character.



bane injustice

We know about Bane being in the game because of him being featured in the new trailer for the tiniest second, and that’s all we know about him. Bane was in the first game as a member of Superman’s Regime and probably will be a member of Grodd’s Anti – League in the second one.



poison ivy batman

Just like with Bane, we only known of her being in the game because of her plants being seen for a second. Ivy wasn’t in the first game either. It’s probable that her arc in the game will be connected to Harley’s in some way.



nightwing injustice

The Robin appearing in this game is Damien Wayne who was in the first game but as Nightwing who was apart of Superman’s Regime. It looks like in the sequel Damien will still be operating without Batman and has adopted the Robin name. In the comics leading up to the game Damien was responsible for killing Dick Grayson, the original Robin.



darkseid injustice 2

At the moment Darkseid is a character you seem to only be able to get through Pre – Order, because of this I’m guessing he’s not going to be part of the main story at all and will probably just be a character you can use in online and such. None the less I’m very excited to play as one of the biggest bads in the DC universe, I definitely felt that the first game should have had him in some way.




And finally we get to the main villain of the game, Brainiac is one of my favorite Superman villains and he wasn’t in the first game. He’s going to be extremely badass in this game and I can’t wait to play as him, I can imagine he’ll be pulling the strings and he’ll remain behind the scenes for most of the game.


So that is all of the confirmed characters in the game so far, I’m now going to go over the rumored ones that will make up the full roster, I’ll say a little on each but I’m not going to spend too long on them in case this list turns out to be false, so take these next few with a grain of salt….

Green Arrow, Black Canary, Black Adam, Joker, Catwoman, Cyborg, Mr Freeze, Doctor Fate and Scarecrow

I really hope that list is true because I’d love to see Black Canary and Doctor Fate in this game

Injustice 2 will be released on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on May 16th 2017.

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