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You’re still here? Cool then you’re just like me, wanting to know each and every thing about the WWE. Now I will still have rumors for The People’s Podcast but due to the overabundance I will be posting some rumors here as well as on our Twitter page @_SmackTalk. With that being said I’m Insider BA and welcome to Insider BA’s Rumor Mill:

  • The reason the Authors of Pain haven’t been called up yet from NXT is because officials backstage don’t want them to end up like The Ascension, who went from NXT’s top tag-team to jobbers on the main-roster. Backstage officials are waiting for a solid creative plan to be in place before the call up is made for their main roster debut.


  • Samoa Joe is returning from injury within the next few weeks with the timeline showing end of October possibly after the WWE TLC ppv. His rumored return feud will be with either Finn Balor or Braun Strowman. Finn doesn’t make sense here due to my old rumor calling for him to face Brock Lesnar for the WWE Universal Champion at Survivor Series. But Samoa Joe vs. Braun Strowman is a money making match, make it happen!


  • SmackDown Live’s current Women’s Champion Natalya is training “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey for a WWE main roster debut. That rumored debut match might happen at WrestleMania 34 against Charlotte.


  • Kalisto winning the Cruiserweight Championship from Enzo Amore on Monday Night Raw is rumored to have been made to honor the late great Eddie Guerrero who would’ve turned 50 years old on that day. Kalisto’s tweet further confirms this rumor due to him tweeting a picture of his mask and the title with the caption saying “This is for you Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero.”


  • Reason Sami Zayn might have turned heel is due to him never getting an opportunity on SmackDown Live “The Land of Opportunity.” The rumored match at Survivor Series right now is Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn vs. Shane McMahon & AJ Styles due to AJ’s words on Talking Smack where he said he would help out Shane if needed. But I’m getting another rumor that AJ Styles will be the next contender for Jinder Mahal’s WWE Championship thus the reason why he dropped the US title at Hell in a Cell.


  • Speaking of Jinder Mahal, it is rumored that Jinder was supposed to lose at WWE Hell in a Cell. Reason being that an advertisement placed by an arena said Jinder was a two-time WWE Champion. This advertisement has quickly been changed to say “current WWE Champion.” Clearly WWE had plans for Jinder to drop the title and then regain it between now and December when the India tour starts but changed their minds last minute.


Now like I’ve said before on The People’s Podcast, take all of these rumors above with a grain of salt because some might come true and some might not. With that being said once again, I’m Insider BA and this has been Insider BA’s Rumor Mill.

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