In this interview, our Editor-in-Chief, Dan Schalk sat down with Ryan Thomas, host of the Thomas Take Sports Podcast and reoccurring guest on the My Fantasy Podcast….

The Thomas Take Sports Podcast

Dan: In your own words describe ‘The Thomas Take Sports Podcast’

RT: “The Thomas Take Sports Podcast” is a sports only podcast hosted by Sportswriter and On-Air Sports Radio Personality Ryan Thomas. The show is categorized as a “hot button sports take show” in which the host Ryan Thomas gives his “Thomas Take” as he is joined by friends and fellow sports journalists and radio hosts from around the country. Ryan provides the listeners with factual sports knowledge along with his personal take on these occasions. The show can cater to most knowledgeable of sports fans along with a beginner sports fan who is looking to grow his/her sports knowledge base.

Dan: Where can the general population find your show?

RT: The general population can find my show on many avenues the show has an official Facebook page The Thomas Take Sports Podcast, as well as my official twitter account @thomastakeover, as well as The Thomas Take Sports Podcast YouTube Channel. The show is streamed LIVE daily on the Grandstand Sports Network. To tune in on the network you can go to I also enjoy going LIVE on Facebook to give my immediate take on all things sports. My Bills Post Game Show was a huge success this season in total I reached over 70,000 views for the season. The best part was communicating with die-hard Bills, Sabres, Mixed Martial Arts and Baseball fans from around the country.

Dan: What sports do you cover on the show?

RT: The show covers Football, Baseball, Hockey, and of course Combat Sports. I have a passion for all four of those sports. All four of those sports have had an impact on my life in some form or fashion. I provide listeners with “Around The NFL” coverage. I really enjoy providing coverage for my hometown city especially the people of Western New York and the Buffalo Bills and the Buffalo Sabres. As the host I try to be as informative but straight forward as I can with my takes for the sports fans around the country .Growing up I was raised by two great coaches my Dad and my Grandfather. My Dad was both my football and baseball coach growing up and my Grandfather coached Little League Baseball for 40 years. He retired when I was 5 years old just when I started playing baseball so I never got to play on one of his teams but that didn’t mean I wasn’t going to get some coaching from him. I have been an avid fan of Mixed Martial Arts ever since I was a little kid but I didn’t start wrestling until high school but I immediately became drawn to the process of the sport that you vs you battle that everybody talks about it really exists in the sport of wrestling. I enjoy providing that side of my listener/viewer base with pre and post fight analysis on UFC/Bellator/Boxing events. My first commentating job in sports was for Hockey so these four sports have been my “core four” since well the beginning.

Dan: Okay, you’re a Buffalo guy. What do the Bills need to give up for Nick Foles?

RT: It’s no secret that the biggest positional need for the Buffalo Bills is the Quarterback position, Tyrod Taylor has proven he is not the guy to carry you to a Super Bowl championship let alone a playoff victory. We just saw Nick Foles play the best game of his life but even prior to that I have always been a believer in Nick Foles. When he was first traded from Philadelphia to St.Louis a few years back I thought “wow”. Foles wasn’t successful in my opinion based on the lack of talent on the Rams roster at that time and due to the fact that the coaching staff was not adequate shall I say on the offensive side of the ball. I had always hoped that Foles would get his opportunity again and he did. Not only did he get that opportunity but what he did with it was truly amazing like a true quarterback he made the most of his second chance. The price for Foles right now is at an all-time high and it should be but the Bills have the ammo to go get him. I would personally trade multiple draft picks for Foles maybe a 2nd and a 4th for Foles a 2nd in 2018 or 2019 and a 4th round selection in this years draft. What is most important though is that whichever team regardless of whether that team is Buffalo or not they better have an extension ironed out for Foles. The last thing I would want to see is Buffalo make a deal for Foles without extending him. Essentially they would be trading for a potential rental player. He’s 29 years old in the prime of his career he should at least get a three or four-year extension upon being traded (hopefully to Buffalo).

Dan: You have a mailbag section in your podcast. How can listeners submit questions to you?

RT: Viewers and listeners can submit questions to the show by sending me an email which is, as well as tweeting me @thomastakeover or if they want to submit comments on one of the 300 plus Thomas Take episodes they can do so in the comments section of that episode on YouTube. They can also submit a question on The Thomas Take Sports Podcast Facebook Page. I really enjoy taking questions from the viewers and listeners so feel free to send me as many as possible.


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