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Things were looking dicey for Lydia and Jade’s clippers at the end of last week’s episode of Into the Badlands. They tried to take down Quinn but it backfired, literally. Across the land, Sunny and Bajie dealt with Nos and his men, while saving Portia and her daughter, Amelia. On this week’s episode, “Leopard Stalks in Snow” there were reunions and we got a surprise from Bajie.

Lydia was quickly captured by Quinn after he slaughtered the clippers. He offered her a knife to kill him, the same way he did to Ryder. Unlike her deceased son, Lydia doesn’t hesitate to go after Quinn. Somehow they ended up kissing and probably more. Creepy? Yep. Outside, Quinn’s men were close on Veil’s trail, but she is helped by a mysterious woman.

At the Widow’s sanctuary, Odessa can’t seem to leave Tilda alone. She confronted the regent-to-be about the Widow’s impending alliance with Quinn. In defense of her baron who isn’t her actual mother, Tilda tells Odessa about how the Widow killed her husband who had repeatedly raped the girl. The pair shared a kiss but were interrupted by Waldo. Tilda tried to explain herself, but Waldo simply warned her not to be like Sunny, who let love and his emotions take priority over his job.

Trucks carrying people seeking safety arrive and Tilda is excited to Veil among them. She disappointed that Sunny and M.L. are not with the woman and her child. It doesn’ take long for the Widow to ask Veil to show her where Quinn kept her and to translate the book M.K. stole from her in season one. At first, it seemed that the Widow was going to stick with her values and protect Veil and Henry, but in the end, she used Veil as a bargaining chip to solidify her alliance with Quinn. She justified her actions by bringing up how Veil tried to turn Tilda against her back in season one. Is this her true reasoning or does she have something else up her sleeve?

Into the Badlands
Ava and M.K.

On the other side of the wall, Sunny and Bajie got Portia to a healer that she knew. For now, she is out of danger. M.K. almost got himself killed by a man for stealing a carrot. Although he bled, his gift didn’t activate. Ava soon arrived and killed the man right on time. It turns out that the Abbots have a device that can track his gift. One group ends up searching the building Sunny and Bajie were hiding in. Bajie seems to know about the Abbots but doesn’t readily reveal much information to Sunny who wants to go help M.K.

M.K. and Ava ended up in an abandoned building decorated with Christmas decorations. In the future, the holiday is no longer celebrated, which is a bummer. M.K. finds an old copy of Wired magazine that featured a picture of Azra on the cover. He claimed it’s proof that the master was lying and that Azra is a real place that they can find. As night falls, the Abbots show up but so does Sunny.

Sunny faced off once again with the same Abbot who took M.K. and left him bloody in the season one finale of Into the Badlands.  This was probably the worse time for M.K. not to have his gift as the Abbots and Ava activate theirs. Ava ended up impaled by debris just before Bajie drove through the side of the building and hit an Abbot. Ava used the last of her strength to kill the second Abbot. The third Abbot greeted Bajie as “brother”. The plot twist of the night? Bajie used to be an Abbot. While he’s out of practice, Bajie was able to immobilize the man long enough for Sunny to kill him. Right before he dies, the Abbot does something to Sunny.  A few moments after Ava died from her injuries, Sunny dropped to the ground.

Final Thoughts on this week’s Into the Badlands

It seems like the storylines are finally coming together for this season. At first, I was worried that they weren’t going to pick up the Azra storyline or have Sunny and M.K. reunite until later in the ten episode season. There seems to be a lot of ground to cover over the next four episodes. Will Veil survive the season? Will Lydia still seek revenge against her estranged husband? With Ava gone, M.K. doesn’t have anyone he trusts among the Abbots. I’m curious to find out how an Abbot can lose their gift. The Widow and Bajie both have lost theirs but we haven’t gotten an explanation. Overall, this was an amazing episode.

I’m giving episode six, “Leopard Stalks in Snow” a 10/10. Into the Badlands airs on AMC Sundays at 10 PM EST.


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