It went down last week on AMC’s Into the Badlands. Quinn rolled into the conclave, shocking everyone, and killed Ryder who tried to flee. If only the young Baron had killed his father instead. RIP Ryder. This week, Sunny and M.K. got some screen time. In “Monkey Leaps Through Mist” everyone was either stressed, depressed and vengeful or fighting for their lives…as usual.

Sunny & Bajie Meet an Old Friend

Into the Badlands
Nos and his dolls. Photo from AMC.

Bajie leads Sunny to his old friend Nos, a smuggler. While he’s there, Sunny learns that Quinn is alive and whoever healed him must be very talented. Cue the wheels turning in his head as he thinks of Veil, the only doctor in the Badlands. Nos is willing to help the pair in exchange for Moon’s sword. But, he turns out to be a crazy pimp who treats women like crap and starts them young. Portia, one of the dolls, comes to serve Sunny his first night there, but he turns her down. She realizes he’s a decent guy and asks him to kill Nos so her young daughter, Amelia won’t have to become a doll like her.

Sunny is clearly fighting with his moral compass when he tells her no. In the morning, Nos gives Sunny and Bajie a car but confronts him about Portia’s request, which was overheard by the doll Bajie slept with. Portia’s face has been cut up as a punishment. Sunny being the heroic guy he is, asks to take Portia and Amelia with him. Nos say no before stabbing Portia.

Bajie once again shows he can be helpful in a fight by hitting Nos upside the head with a Negan-like bat while Sunny takes on Nos’ lackeys. They escape with the mother/daughter pair in the car, leaving behind yet another enemy.

Rise to Power and a Partnership

While the other barons go into hiding, Jade takes the oath to become a Baron in the place of her late husband. The mourning widow summons Lydia and gives her all the details of Quinn’s attack, including his murder of Ryder. Lydia tells Jade about Quinn’s hideout in the woods but agrees to help only if she’s the one who gets to kill Quinn.

The banished woman barely handled herself against the nomads that attacked her father’s people, so it seems unlikely she’d win one on one with her estranged husband. Still, Jade sends Lydia and her men to the location, where there’s a trap at the entrance. An explosion left several men and Lydia injured and unconscious. And just as quickly as she claimed power, Jade’s first call as a Baron led to failure. Into the Badlands has some badass female Barons. Jade will have to step her game up to survive.

Decision Time

Instead of chastising Tilda like some fans expected, the Widow thanked her daughter for coming to the conclave. Waldo tells her she needs to kill Quinn and align herself with the other Barons. Tired of his advice, she decides to form an alliance with Quinn, much to Waldo’s displeasure.

Losing It

Quinn wasn’t doing so hot this week after killing his son. He sees Ryder’s ghost as he and his men walked through the woods. When he is alone later, he hallucinates Ryder again. The ghost tells him that Veil has been lying to him.

After her own ordeal last week, the doctor is in another high-stress spot elsewhere in the hideout as Quinn’s right-hand man questions her about Edgar’s death. It seems he knows she hasn’t really been healing Quinn either since he pulls out the real X-ray of the former Baron’s head. When she tries to say Edgar forced himself on her he tells her that the clipper didn’t like women that way. There goes that story…

Veil agrees to really heal Quinn this time around and is cut loose. When she goes to find Henry, she discovers that Quinn has him with a knife in his hand. She talks him into letting go of Henry by kissing him while ghost Ryder taunts Quinn in the background.

When Lydia and Jade’s clippers set off the explosion later, Veil uses this as a distraction and escapes.

Just a Little M.K.

We got a bit more screen time from young M.K. who still seems to be making poor decisions. He runs away during training with the Abbotts in the middle of the day. He doesn’t even wait for the cover of night or a map. He comes across several bodies hung in a tree. M.K. ends up taking clothes from a boy around his age before burying the body and leaving.

Final Thoughts on Sunday’s Into the Badlands

Every scene with Veil was stressful; first a knife to her throat and the real X-ray on display, and then a knife to little Henry. The use of ghost Ryder was interesting. I almost liked the ghost better than the live Baron. He spoke his mind and stood up to Quinn. Sadly, or not, depending on how you felt about Ryder, this will be the last time we see the character played by Oliver Stark.

In terms of storytelling, I’m a bit dissatisfied with the plot so far. With Sunny as the main character, I expected more of this season to be about his journey back to Veil and Henry. Sure, the other characters in the Badlands are interesting. But, without Sunny there as a player, I don’t find myself caring about the politics of who’s in control or who’s allies with who.

Hopefully, the rest of the season will include more about Sunny and M.K.’s power since it was one of the focal points of season one. The Widow spent so much time going after him only to not mention the boy, his power, and her own past with a similar gift thus far this season.

This week’s episode of Badlands gets an 8/10 rating. Into the Badlands airs at 10 PM EST on AMC.


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