Into the Badlands
Marton Csokas as Quinn

Last week on Into the Badlands Sunny faced off against Moon and everyone else prepped for the conclave. There was plenty of action in Sunday’s episode entitled “Palm of the Iron Fox”. It kicked off with Quinn forcing his armadillo ring into Veil’s reluctant and uncomfortable hands. He wants Henry to have it in case he doesn’t come back from the conclave. He proceeds to give a dramatic pre-battle speech to his men. Apparently, they’re the pure and true ready to burn in the furnace.

The Conclave Begins

The Widow and Waldo get cold stares from the other barons. No surprise there. We meet Baron Chou, who doesn’t like the way the Widow rose to power. We get a hint of Chou’s backstory when she talks about training with her sisters as a colt and earning her title.  She even goes as far as telling the Widow she preferred her late husband before Waldo interrupts. The Widow is angry, but Waldo explains that they’ll need Chou’s vote to win.

Tilda and M.K.

Although they’re separated, the young warriors still have a lot to learn about themselves and their positions in the world. At the fort, Tessa, who Tilda saved at the oil fields, is now a butterfly. The girl plants doubts in Tilda’s head about being left behind by her mother. With the Abbotts, M.K. sneaks into the Master’s rooms. He uses her origami to enter into the trance that allowed him to see his other side. There he sees his mother, who dies in his arms. His dark side appears and tells him he’s the one who killed her before literally kicking him back to reality.

Veil’s Struggle

In Quinn’s underground base, Veil is left with Edgar to watch over her. She requests access to the ventilation room, claiming Henry needs the sunlight. Inside, she uses a grappling hook found among the equipment to climb. Before she can reach the top Edgar comes to check in on her. Before he opens the door Veil manages to get back down and pretends to be breastfeeding. Very smooth, Veil.  Her backup plan is to drug him while they eat. He shares his admiration for Sunny and you almost want to like him. After he’s unconscious, she grabs her bags and runs only to find the gate locked. She sets Henry down and attempts to break the lock with a metal bar. Edgar interrupts and attacks her. In the end, she busts his head open with the bar but not without getting a little banged up herself.

The Verdict, the return, and the death

Before the vote, Chou and Widow go for a walk away from the others. Chou tells the Widow that she will vote for her if she agrees to stop accepting runaway cogs. The Widow doesn’t want to agree to the terms, but Waldo convinces her that compromise is survival. The Widow speaks her case and says she will stop accepting new cogs, but requests that the ones she currently harbors be able to stay.

Into the Badlands
Baron Chou vs. The Widow

Ryder calls her a liar and says she is just like his father; a danger to the Badlands. He demands that she lose her title and be banished from the Badlands. During the vote, Chou goes against her word and sides with Ryder. Just after the announcement of the Widow’s banishment Quinn and his men arrive. Ryder runs off leaving behind the others and Jade.

The battle between the Widow and Baron Chou’s is amazing. They’re both standing in the sand, in heels, dealing damage like it’s easy. Waldo is holding his own too. The tide turns when Tilda arrives and kills a clipper attacking Waldo.

Chou is the last one standing and hurries away. Outside, Quinn catches up to Ryder and quickly overpowers him. He gives Ryder two chances to kill him, but he doesn’t. In a rage, Quinn stabs his son. He holds Ryder’s dying body, asking him why he hesitated. Ryder answers, “You’re my father.” One of Quinn’s men arrives shortly after and the pair leave, leaving a frantic Jade to find her husband’s body.

Final Thoughts On This Week’s Into the Badlands

All of the action in this episode of Into the Badlands made up for last week. I missed Daniel Wu’s Sunny, but the big battle at the conclave was so amazing that I’ll accept it. Quinn’s “furnace” speech was creepy. I’m also sad that Veil wasn’t able to escape Quinn’s clutches. The act of taking a life is going to change her. I’m excited and saddened by that idea. I’ve always wanted her to be tougher, but I have enjoyed the lighter side of her character versus others who take life all the time. With the other barons, sans Chou, dead, the future of the Badlands will definitely be an interesting one. This was a great episode. The fight choreography was clean and the emotion during the final scene between Ryder and Quinn was electric. We’ll have to see what Jade’s next plan of attack will be. How will Quinn cope with killing his only child?

I’m giving this episode of kung-fu goodness an 8.5/10 rating. Great episode with amazing fight scenes and excitement, but too little M.K. and Sunny after leaving us hanging last week.

Into the Badlands airs Sundays at 10 PM EST on AMC.


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