Into the Badlands

Last week on Into the Badlands, Sunny deals with being a captive again while each element of the coming battle moves across the Badlands. Here’s a recap of “Black Lotus, White Rose”.

The episode finds Sunny shackled and at the mercy of the Black Lotus. His anger at hearing Bajie was dead quickly turns into confusion when his sister Kannin (Eugenia Yuan) arrives and introduces herself. Elsewhere, a severely injured Ankara uses the last of her power to bring Bajie back to life before dying.

Hidden Truths

Image result for black lotus, white roseAt the monastery, Pilgrim stops M.K. from lashing out at the Master before giving a speech about the sleepers’ new freedom. Standing above them, he tries to hide his cough and the blood that ends up on his hand when he pulls it back.

While Minerva’s crew splits to prep for coming battles, Kannin shows Sunny memories from his childhood. In the present, Magnus (Francis Magee) gives Kannin until the sand runs out of an old hourglass to unlock Sunny’s gift. Apparently, the Lotus has been around for 500 years and tried to warn leaders of the old world about the threat of those with a gift, but they didn’t listen. His organization blames them for the fall of the old world.

In another memory, Kannin shows Sunny the day of his ceremony and how his father gave him a task to kill Black Lotus intruders who find their way into Azra. Indoctrinated by Magnus’s negative views on dark ones, Kannin continues to talk down at Sunny for becoming a killer and blames him for what happened to them.


When the Master finally powers up to take on Pilgrim, M.K. intervenes and saves him by stabbing her. They leave, taking their new army. She manages to hold on until Minvera arrives. They go back into the mirror room and are transported back to her childhood home. The Master shares the story of when her gift first revealed itself and how her family reacted. The monastery was to protect gifted ones from the cruelty of their world and vice versa.

In her final moments, she tells Minerva that Pilgrim is weak from raising the sleepers before encouraging her to look to the future. Back in the physical world, the Master who’s real name is Ada, is gone. Elsewhere, Bajie sneaks into Black Lotus’ stronghold. He fails to rescue Sunny because Magnus threatens to have Kannin kill herself if they don’t surrender. Magnus then reveals that he’s the young soldier that Sunny refused to kill as a child and that he’s the reason Azra fell.

Sunny and Kannin on Into the BadlandsAwakenings

Instead of reawakening her brother’s gift as ordered, Kannin remembers the abuse she suffered at Magnus’ hands. She sets Sunny and Bajie free and the trio handles enough of the Lotus men to get out alive. Instead of killing Magnus, Kannin knocks him out. As they leave, viewers are taken back into the Badlands to see what’s going on.

Minverva burns the monastery down, Gaius becomes the baron of his sister’s forces and Pilgrim and his new followers participate in a cutting ceremony that seems to power him up.

Final thoughts on Monday’s Into the Badlands

I’m so happy that Bajie was revived! These tense moments will need a bit of his comedic sunshine as we already know.  I’m not surprised at all that Sunny’s sister is alive. They put way too much weight on her existence for her to be gone. There’s so much backstory that I feel like we need another season or two to really flesh it out. Cue the tears.

M.K.’s murder of The Master finalized my dislike for his character. I’d rather he not survive what’s to come at this point. I’m looking forward to the next three episodes and hoping they are not the last. I’m giving “Black Lotus, White Rose” a 10 out of 10. Shoutout to that epic song choice for the last few moments of the episode.

Into the Badlands airs Mondays at 10 PM EST on AMC.



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