Last week on Into the Badlands, Sunny and Bajie snuck into the Widow’s ranks, but Sunny’s description caught Nathaniel’s attention. Lydia returned to her old house and turned Nathaniel down, while Tilda was seemingly forced back to the Widow’s side to free Odessa and M.K. who reawakened his gift. This week, Sunny and Bajie faced off against an old but new danger. Here’s a recap of “Blind Cannibal Assassins”. Yeah, that was actually the title.

Into the BadlandsLast night, we were introduced to Baron Chau’s brother, Gaius, played by Lewis Tan. Gaius was imprisoned with the offer of freedom if he helped his sister take on Pilgrim and his warriors. He initially passed on her offer and was beaten and forced to watch the allies that helped him free her cogs killed until he accepted the offer.

Out in the wastelands, Bajie led Sunny to an old friend who turned out to now be blind. They accepted shelter and food from the man only to wake up to find Henry gone. Not far behind him, Nathaniel interrogated George about Sunny’s whereabouts. When George got snappy about their lack of supplies, Moon stabbed him and advised that word be sent back that they need a new commander.

While Gaius prepared to head out after Pilgrim, Tilda tried to stop M.K. from going after Sunny but the boy was determined to have his revenge. On the road, his wound reopened and he had to hide from Gaius and his hunting party. When Sunny and Bajie went after Henry they were captured by a group of blinded and exiled clippers that offered the pair the choice to give up their eyesight and join them or become food for the group.

While they are given time to make their decision, Sunny revealed to Bajie that the group was made up of rogue clippers responsible for Rider’s kidnapping. The event was his first hunting party and we were able to get a glimpse of a young Waldo and Sunny.

After the Pilgrim’s followers spread his propaganda flyers promoting two hundred cogs to leave The Sanctuary, Widow and Lydia decided to pay the man a visit. Cressida, who sent Nix off to find her new “brother”, tried to explain their goals to Lydia just before Gaius and his fighters interrupted the meeting. Castor invoked his abilities and the scene was filled with quality choreography typical of Into the Badlands. When Castor thought he defeated Gaius, he headed for the Widow who was surprised to see that Pilgrim had control over the gifted boy. After Widow assured that Pilgrim wouldn’t recruit on her land, she and Lydia departed.

Into the BadlandsOut in the woods, Nix saved M.K. from being attacked just as Nathaniel was dragged into the cannibal’s hideout. Using Bajie’s boots and Moon’s hand that was removed and placed on a nearby table, Sunny killed the tribe’s leader and got the keys to free himself. When Moon declared that he and Sunny would fight again if he was freed, the pair left him behind and took out the rest of the tribe.

After getting Henry, Bajie and Sunny freed Nathaniel who immediately wanted to throw down. The trio plus baby got out of the underground hideout and Sunny refused to fight Moon. He offered the man his sword back and told him that if he killed him that Henry would be his responsibility. Not wanting to deprive Henry of his father, Moon decided not to kill Sunny but advised he not return to the Badlands because the Widow wanted his head.

Review of last night’s episode of Into the Badlands

With the addition of Gaius Chau, I finally care a bit about Baron Chau and her story. Last season, she was just a badass woman in white who survived the conclave; cool but so what? This season, we’ve discovered she has a brother and a mother who are still alive. Lewis Tan had a strong intro as Gaius, he can fight and seems to have a heart since he stopped his sister from killing his allies. I’m interested to see how his storyline plays out.

My favorite scene of the episode was Gaius versus Castor. The blade work between the duo was awesome and I have to give major props to everyone involved with staging and executing that scene. I also have no hope for this shaky non-alliance alliance between Widow and Pilgrim. On a final note, I’m surprised Nathaniel gave up on his grudge with Sunny so quickly. His decision makes me wonder about his own past with his father since it was brought up.

I’m giving last night’s episode of Into the Badlands a 10 out of 10.


Into the Badlands airs Sundays at 10 PM EST on AMC.

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