Image result for into the badlands bannerThis week on Into the Badlands, the past began to come to the light as Sunny and Bajie reach Ankara and the Pilgrim made a significant demand of Baron Chau in light of her brother’s failure and disappearance. Here’s a recap of “Carry Tiger to Mountain”.

Upon her return to the Sanctuary, Widow found Gaius in the trunk of her car. Their reunion triggered a flashback of when Widow was just Minerva, a cog within the Chau household. After accidentally dropping a tray during Gaius’ birthday party, his father demanded she received lashes. Gaius refused but Juliet was happy to carry out the deed.

Across the Badlands, Pilgrim and Cressida delivered the heads of Gaius’ men to Chau’s home. They gave her the ultimatum of giving them 1,000 workers to keep the peace. Refusing to give in, they left the baron with time to make her decision. With Gaius locked up even after he offered to help take down his sister, the Widow was less than pleased when Nathaniel returned with his sword but left Sunny alive. She warned her Regent that if Sunny came across her path again, she would kill them both.

At the temple, M.K. woke up to Nix taking care of him. When he tried to use his gift and leave, Pilgrim used his ability to subdue the boy’s powers. Surprised, M.K. listened to the invitation to join them in their quest for Azra. As M.K. accepted the offer, Castor looked on from upstairs with tears in his eyes.

Image result for into the badlands carry tiger to mountainWhen Sunny and Bajie reached Ankara in the mountain, she explained that her treatment of Henry would only be temporary. After dunking Henry in water and using her abilities to draw strength from Sunny, she told him that his gift was buried deep inside him. Ankara looked into his mind and saw buried memories of someone locking his gifts when he was a child. She explained that whoever did it was more powerful than her and his gift was very strong. Bajie became frustrated and told Sunny not to believe her.

He vented about his unanswered message and the woman surprised them both by turning on a hidden radio and playing Pilgrim’s reply message. They weren’t happy to hear that Pilgrim plans to reshape the Badlands by purifying it aka wiping out folks who don’t follow him. At the temple, Castor let his displeasure for M.K. be known. Later, he went to Cressida for a cure for his condition. Instead, she gave him a mission to make sure the Widow held up her end of the deal by using his gift one last time. She explained that using his gift less would prolong his life and advised he go on the mission alone.

At the Sanctuary, Gaius revealed that he’s the one who helped Widow escape being locked in the pig pen after the incident at his birthday party. Before Sunny and Bajie departed, Ankara told Sunny that the ultimate cure for Henry rested with Pilgrim. She gave him a drawing of the Azra temple and bid him farewell with a pensive stare.

Near the shores of the temple, Pilgrim showed M.K. an area where workers were digging to find something wonderful like holy ground where people used to supposedly gain powers. As Castor arrived to lead Chau’s men in an attack on the refugee camp, Nathaniel reported to Widow who decided to release Gaius so he could help them fight. Just as Tilda and Odessa shared an intimate moment, the attack on the camp began.

Image result for into the badlands carry tiger to mountainTilda found herself on the cusp of losing when Widow and the others arrived with back up. After realizing they were outnumbered, the group retreated but not without knocking Castor out and taking him.

At the temple, Cressida and Pilgrim were confused by her blood painting of lines until M.K., now wearing the uniform of Pilgrim’s followers, explained that they were tattoos that represented a kill but that the particular picture represented Sunny. He vowed to kill him but Cressida announced that he was the catalyst and Pilgrim declared that he would be welcomed like a brother upon his impending arrival.

Review of last night’s Into The Badlands

Last night’s episode was richly filled with backstory we’ve been waiting to see, amazing choreography that fans have loved from episode one, and drama between foes and shaky alliances. I loved the dynamics between Widow and Gaius although I don’t quite ship them the way my Twitter timeline did last night. Ankara was definitely creepy so it made the truths she revealed feel a little more mysterious and ominous, which was great for the tension in the episode.

I’m so glad little Henry can get a break, but it doesn’t look like he’ll be a peaceful place for long with his dad heading right for Pilgrim and M.K., one who wants to use him and the other who wants him dead. Sidenote: It is too late for someone to love Castor and tell the boy he’s not just a weapon?

Anyways, I’m excited to see what’s to come! Sadly, we’ll have to wait an extra week since Into the Badlands won’t air a new episode until June 3rd.

I’m giving “Carry Tiger to Mountain” a 10 out of 10.


Into the Badlands airs Sundays at 10/10:05 PM EST on AMC.


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