Into the Badlands

Last night, Into the Badlands returned after a very long break for the second half of season three. The episode marked the beginning of the series’ end unless another network or streaming service picks it up (somebody do it!). Here’s what went down and the MFST rating for part one of the two-night premiere.

“Chamber of the Scorpion” kicked off with Widow and the Master facing off to see if Widow could roll out or if she would be sticking around to train to defeat Pilgrim. The scene showed off Badlands’ always amazing choreography, but ultimately left the Master victorious with Widow k.o.’d. Back at Chau’s place, Gaius and Tilda followed his sister’s trail, hoping to find out what happened to Widow. Elsewhere, an emotional Nathaniel rode his hardest to get Lydia back to a healer. Thankfully, he made it in time and shared a nice moment with her.

into the badlands chamber of the scorpionAt the Sanctuary, Cressida whisked a “cured” Henry away to be fed while Pilgrim tried to convince Sunny to be on his side. Sunny wasn’t all for cleansing the world as his “brother” wished but didn’t say anything as Pilgrim gave the gift to a few of his followers. While Cressida advised that Sunny’s usefulness had ended, he was downstairs planning his and Bajie’s escape. While all this went on, M.K. was still in usually teenage angst mood, snapping at Nix and glaring daggers at everyone.

After Bajie tried to convince Nix that she shouldn’t trust Pilgrim, the former abbot was brought out to fend for himself against one of the newly gifted. He surprised Pilgrim and his people by holding his own and deactivating the gift in the rookie. This landed him back in his cell until Sunny took out the guards and helped him escape. Elsewhere, Minerva agreed to help defeat Pilgrim, but only if she got her gift back.

Later, Sunny gave Henry to Bajie and told him to go to Lydia while he destroyed the chamber so Pilgrim couldn’t give anyone else a gift. Unsurprisingly, M.K. ruined his plan by knocking Sunny out before he could destroy it completely. Seeing no other option, Pilgrim took on Sunny. The last viewers see of the former clipper is him being kicked out of an upper-level window and falling into the water below.

Final Take on the Into the Badlands midseason premiere

Image result for Chamber of the ScorpionWhat a way to come back! This was a satisfying way for the series to return despite that awkward 25-minute delay because of The Walking Dead. The opening scene between Widow and the Master was great and definitely has me looking forward to their training together. Shoutout to Badlands’ fight choreographers and everyone involved in making scenes like that come to life.

Just a taste of Pilgrim versus Sunny has me hyped and waiting for more after Sunny’s inevitable recovery from his swim. The brother vs. brother tension between them is great but leaves me wishing we had a flashback of them as kids if we have time for it. Here’s to hoping M.K. gets his life together and doesn’t have to take an L.

I’m giving “Chamber of the Scorpion” a 9 out of 10.


Into the Badlands returns tonight at 10 PM EST on AMC. “Chamber of the Scorpion” will re-air beforehand at 9 PM EST.


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