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This past week on Into the Badlands, Pilgrim meets the Master while the Black Lotus gets closer to Sunny and company. Here’s a recap of “Cobra Fang, Panther Claw”.

Image result for Cobra Fang, Panther ClawIt didn’t take Pilgrim and his followers long to get past the Master and her abbots, leaving her bloody and angry. Pilgrim quickly begins to do what he does best, talk and spout messages of freedom and embracing the gift. On the road, Bajie tries to keep the peace between Sunny and Minerva. When Ankara starts to wake up and chant, the truck almost gives out. Without more of the serum, Minerva decides to use blunt force to knock her back out. Behind them, Black Lotus questions people and find the empty syringe, pointing them towards the monastery.

Sunny and co. end up at an abbot safehouse. Inside, Sunny makes sure to remind Widow that he’s coming after her once Pilgrim is dealt with. While Pilgrim and M.K. look for scrolls that will awaken the sleeping gifted ones, the Master warns Pilgrim that if he continues to abuse his stolen gift, darkness would consume him. He ignored her and finds scrolls with instructions to awaken the sleepers.

Confessions and Face-Offs

Elsewhere, Gaius and Tilda get caught by Juliette’s forces and taken to her circus hideout. It didn’t take long for her to begin torturing the pair, especially after discovering her mother is dead. At their safehouse, Minerva wakes Ankara up against Bajie’s wishes. The woman shows her that Gaius and Tilda are in trouble. While Bajie urges them not to believe Ankara, Sunny agrees that her word has been right so far. Not wanting to go alone, Minerva asks for back up and Sunny sends Nix with her.

Image result for Cobra Fang, Panther ClawAt Chau’s funhouse, Tilda confesses to killing Juliette and Gaius’ mother before Juliette can punish her brother for the deed. Before she could harm Tilda more, Nix and Minerva arrive. While Nix helps Gaius and Tilda outside, the last barons face off. The fight took them from merry-go-rounds to the swings, where Juliette meets her end, bloody and beheaded.

Awakenings and Endings

As Pilgrim begins to awaken gifted folks left and right, M.K. can’t help but notice him getting weaker and bleeding black tears. Pilgrim tries to convince him that he’s fine. Later, M.K. listens to one of the gifted and his story. Eli was trying to go back to find his brothers before he was put to sleep. M.K. tells him that his brothers are probably dead and that he can join Pilgrim to change their world. Eli agrees.

Back with Sunny, Ankara reveals that she’s at fault for Azra’s downfall. She had served as a scribe for the gifted and trusted a young man. It turned out that he worked for the Black Lotus and only got close to her for her knowledge. She tells Bajie and Sunny that only a few including, Sunny, Pilgrim, and his sister escaped. Outside, the Black Lotus arrive while Sunny begs Ankara for answers on defeating Pilgrim. She reveals that he had great power that got locked away and the only person who could unlock it is his sister. Apparently, she is dead.

Bajie released her so she could use her gift to fight, but it’s too late. Explosives throw Bajie and Sunny back, knocking Sunny out. Their leader knows Ankara and subdues her gift. When Bajie tried to stand, the man asks who he is. Bajie replies no one and gets stabbed in the chest. The man then turns the blade on Ankara and kills her. Bajie takes his final breaths as the men take an unconscious Sunny away.

Final take on this week’s Into the Badlands

Death came down on the Badlands hard this past week. Sunny always seems to fight the hardest on his own, so while it’s sad, it isn’t surprising that Into the Badlands’ writers and producers decided to say farewell to Bajie. I will definitely miss the lighter tone he brought in stressful moments. Nick Frost is a gem. I would have loved for that Chau versus Widow battle to go on a bit longer, but it’s clear that its time to move on to our next arc to lead us to a big showdown. Lastly, even though the Master’s actions always seem a bit murky, I love Chipo Chung’s performance in the role. I can’t wait to see what she has up her sleeve.

I’m giving “Cobra Fang, Panther Claw” a 10 out of 10.


Into the Badlands airs Mondays at 10 PM EST on AMC.

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