Into the BadlandsThis week on Into the Badlands, the Widow faced backlash from her own forces while Sunny dealt with the River King. Here’s a recap of Sunday night’s episode, “Dragonfly’s Last Dance”.

After Lydia and Nathaniel left a discussion on the Widow’s next move, a group of dissatisfied soldiers stormed the Sanctuary leaving Minerva and Gaius in a tight spot. They were led by Wren (now wearing a wooden leg) and Arthur, the same duo that Sunny and Baije helped earlier in the season.

Elsewhere, the River King gave Sunny a map to Pilgrim’s temple and information. Sunny learned that he was one of two survivors of a massacre that happened on that boat. The other survivor was the captain who was injured and continuously saying, “the devils in red and black”. The River King promised that no harm would come to Sunny and his friends while they were in the area, but later the man told one of his men to send word that “the person they are looking for is here but they must hurry.”

Nathaniel came across a dying bowler who revealed that traitors were heading to the Sanctuary, while Minerva and Gaius woke up in M.K.’s old cell. Wren and Arthur explained that they want to end the war and expressed their anger over the Widow’s selfish quest for power that’s cost them friends.

Across the Badlands, Pilgrim and his followers held a funeral for Castor. Later, Cressida had another vision of Sunny’s tattoos and suggested that M.K. and Nix train to fight as one as she did with Castor. That didn’t sit well with Pilgrim at all. He didn’t catch a break either when he found Nix she asked him how Castor died because he had marks on his neck. He lied and left the girl to be comforted by M.K.

Back at the Sanctuary, Minerva refused to sign a document Wren and Arthur created. Wren promised that if Minerva doesn’t sign it they’d send Juliet Gaius’ head. Nathaniel and Tilda teamed up to take back the Sanctuary. Elsewhere, Sunny found the captain of the ship that the River King mentioned. The man still had the ax that had been left in his head and revealed that Sunny’s sister protected him that night during the attack.

Image result for into the badlands dragonfly's last danceAt the Sanctuary, Lydia told Wren and Arthur that their plan wouldn’t work without her since she knew where Minerva’s seal was and that Chau wouldn’t accept their document without a higher up in attendance. On the road to Chau, Lydia’s guards were killed by Tilda and Lydia wasted no time explaining that she hadn’t really betrayed the Widow.

When Lydia didn’t return at nightfall, Wren began killing hostages and Arthur thought it was a good time to taunt the Widow. In return, she used the arrow that she pulled from Gaius’ shoulder to kill the boy. After escaping, Minerva and Gaius were surrounded by Wren and her followers but soon got back up from Tilda, Moon, and Tilda’s rabbits.

When Sunny returned to the River King’s office, the con man revealed his betrayal and the men of a group called The Black Lotus attacked. Sunny fought them off but when he went to question the final attacker, the killed himself. Before leaving, Sunny killed the River King. Back at the Sanctuary, Wren and her fellow conspirators were killed. The young woman’s last request was for the Widow to be the leader she promised to be and to end the war.

Review of last night’s Into the Badlands

The penultimate episode of this season may be my favorite so far. From Nix questioning Pilgrim and starting to think a bit more for herself to Sunny discovering he had and may still have a sister, “Dragonfly’s Last Dance” had so many moments that drew me in. I love the intensity Babou brings to Pilgrim. He’s a threat to my favorites, but his character and Babou’s performance are so intriguing.

I’m relieved that Sunny finally killed the River King, but I’m not sure about Lily taking up the role, especially if it involves human trafficking. I want to like her, but if she follows that route I won’t. Who’s to say we’ll see her again after she drops off Sunny and Baije? Another highlight of this season of Into the Badlands is Minvera and Gaius, I’m playing hard to get when it comes to shipping them, but the episode’s writer LaToya Morgan made it so hard not to fall in love with the chemistry between the pair.

I’m giving this week’s episode of Into the Badlands a 10 out of 10.


I’m super hyped for next week’s mid-season finale which airs Sunday at 10 PM EST.


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