Last night, the mid-season finale of Into the Badlands gave us action and plenty of plot progress. Here’s a recap of “Leopard Catches Cloud”.

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A peek of the master kicked off the episode with one line, “It has begun.” Elsewhere, Sunny and Baije arrived at Pilgrim’s camp only to be met by a pissed off M.K. The young man advised Sunny give Henry to Baije before he launched into action. Even with M.K.’s gift activated, Sunny held his own for a bit before tiring. Before M.K. could kill him, Pilgrim subdued the boy and greeted Sunny by a different name, Sanzo.

After he regained consciousness, Sunny learned that he and Pilgrim grew up together in Azra before the Black Lotus found their city. Sunny somehow saved Pilgrim’s life before he fled with his older sister. On the subject of Henry, Pilgrim explained that he couldn’t cure the gift but the two of them together could control it and shape it to their will. At the Sanctuary, Gaius pledged his loyalty to Minerva and the pair shared a kiss.

When the entrance to the underground chamber Pilgrim and Cressida were seeking was dug up, the duo explored it with excitement before activating the machines inside with one of the Azra compasses. When it didn’t completely activate, they realized they needed Sunny. On the Widow’s side of the war front, Lydia and Moon shared an intimate moment on the eve of war, not wanting to leave loose ends and desired unfulfilled before they headed into battle.

Into the BadlandsAs Minerva and her allies head off for battle, Baije and Cressida went tit for tat discussing Pilgrim’s plans with the Meridian chamber. He was less than pleased to learn that the chamber could give the gift and take it away and surmised that the machine’s activation 500 years ago was what drove their world into chaos.

Sunny tried to speak to M.K. again, but only got anger as he explained that Sunny had killed his mother. With little to defend himself, he was remorseful when he explained that if he did kill her, he wouldn’t remember because of all of the people he had been ordered to kill. Baije tried to get Sunny to leave but the father was determined to stick around to save his son.

When Baije tried to get explosives to blow up the chamber, Sunny cornered him, leading the Pilgrim to him as well. After Baije was imprisoned, the scene shifted to the front lines of the Widow vs. Chau battle. Leaving Lydia to hold the last line of defense, Moon rode off on horseback into the fight. It wasn’t long until Moon was surrounded and the vanguard suffered losses. Lydia left her unit to hold the line while she rode forward and saved the regent from a deadly blow.

Image result for into the badlands leopard catches cloudThey couldn’t celebrate their win for long when Lydia collapsed from a wound. While she told him to take her home, Minerva, Tilda, and Gaius stormed Chau’s home on their own. Inside, the trio was cornered only for the Master to arrive. She told Minerva it was time to focus on something bigger than her war before knocking her out with glowing fingers to her forehead.

Across the Badlands, Sunny went against Baije’s warning and activated the Meridian chamber. While Sunny was the key to activate its power, Pilgrim was the one able to focus it. Using that power, he took Henry’s gift as his own.

Review of last night’s Into the Badlands

For someone who’s dealt with betrayal and people only in the game for power, Sunny sure was trusting during the first half of this season. From believing the River King last week when he promised no harm would come to Sunny in his HQ to actually trusting Pilgrim, a complete stranger, to save his son without ulterior motives. I need Veil to haunt one of his dreams and smack him upside the head.

One of my favorite scenes last night was Lydia riding into battle and saving Nathaniel. She was so chill at that moment and I loved it. The writers timed her rescue perfectly because I was definitely on the edge of my seat to see Nathaniel’s fate. I also loved the moment of the Master’s arrival. The arrows pausing midair had me hyped.

On another note, I wish the writers would give Aramis something to do besides play M.K. as angry and vengeful. He’s grown as a fighter but we barely got to see his training and he still relies heavily on his gift to hold his own. Season one and two made it feel like he was important to the storyline, but season 3A pretty much put him on the back burner in terms of who’s storyline I cared about in the bigger scheme of the plot.

I’m giving the mid-season finale of Into the Badlands a 10 out of 10.


No word on when the second half season three of Into the Badlands will air on AMC.

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