Last week on the season three premiere of Into the Badlands, Sunny reunited with Bajie and Lydia after Henry fell ill, Tilda sought help against her mother, M.K. grew tired of the Widow’s failure to reactivate his gift, and a new threat arrived in the Badlands just as the Widow found a new regent in Nathaniel Moon. This week, Sunny was willing to do anything to save Henry while the Pilgrim and the Widow continued to seek dominion over the Badlands.

Into The BadlandsIn a Mad Max style convoy, Pilgrim and his people traveled into the badlands. The leader checked in on Castor, who’s not feeling 100 percent after his actions at the border. Soon they come across the ruins of an old building on a mini island. Cressida (played by Lorraine Toussant) revealed it as the first temple of Azra where Pilgrim would build his kingdom.

Inside the building, they found relics like dinosaur skeletons. When one of the followers got upset about the dusty and old appearance of the temple, Pilgrim gave a speech calling out those who were unhappy. Four men came forward and the leader blindfolded himself and gave them the chance to kill him. When his three followers had fallen, the main conspirator stepped down and said that he believed in their mission.

In the sanctuary, Widow had Moon and M.K. spar after the youngster got upset that his opium was confiscated. Moon used the opportunity to test out his new hand. He took it easy on M.K. until he learned that the boy had been trained by Sunny. M.K. doesn’t help matters by taunting Moon about losing his hand. Moon took the opportunity to pin M.K. down and knock him out.

At Lydia’s camp, Bajie was surprised to learn that Sunny was found as a child with an Azra necklace on. Lydia recommended going to a former master known as The Mad Witch to help Henry. Bajie wasn’t immediately in support of the idea and revealed to Sunny that the witch was his first master who supposedly lost her mind as the only abbot to believe Azra existed Elsewhere, the Widow gave Moon a mission to track down the Iron Rabbits and Bajie.

Into The BadlandsIt doesn’t take long for the new regent to march into the camp with his clippers. While Lydia distracted Moon and offered to talk to the Widow herself after handing Henry to Tilda, Sunny grabbed his weapon while Bajie snuck his motorcycle out of the camp.

At the Azra temple, Nix and Castor explored the relics and found pictures of the old world with images that featured the Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty, and the Great Wall of China. Castor worried that he wouldn’t live to see the new Azra but Nix promised that their master wouldn’t fail them. As the camera panned out, we saw Pilgrim listening in.

Pilgrim himself became frustrated at Castor’s condition, but Cressida told him that black-eyed fighters didn’t live long and that he had grown too attached to him. She advised him to continue on his mission and perform the sacrament that night during a full moon for guidance. Back in the Sanctuary, one of the butterflies snuck M.K. drugs. He ended up in a trance where he saw his mirror self, who confronted him about the lie that he killed his mother. The scene changed and we witnessed Quinn’s men slaughtering their camp. After witnessing Sunny kill his mother, M.K.’s eyes turned black.

During their conversation, the Widow offered Lydia safely within her walls if Lydia gave up the Iron Rabbits. Not long after, Widow rushed upstairs to find one of her butterflies trying to keep M.K. alive. They found a pulse and rushed him off to the healers. That night, Pilgrim and Cressida completed a ritual where Cressida had hooks connected to chains placed in her back. Pulling those chains, Pilgrim asked his bloody and airborne right-hand woman what she saw. Her response: everything.

Review of Sunday’s Into the Badlands

The chess pieces moved pretty quickly this week with Moon and Sunny just feet away from each other. That was a great scene that built a lot of tension. M.K.’s drugged-induced dream was a little confusing since we’ve seen M.K. waking up on a ship and discovering his mother is dead, not in a village under attack. Hopefully, the writers make sense of this change.

I’m also interested to find out more about Sunny since Bajie revealed that the gift is passed down by blood and we’ve never seen Sunny even begin to show signs of ever having it. The final scene featuring Pilgrim and Cressida was strange, but the people of Azra are unfamiliar to us. All of their practices and beliefs will seem strange.

I’m giving Sunday’s episode an 8 out 10.


Into the Badlands airs Sundays at 10 PM EST on AMC


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