Into the Badlands

Last night on Into the Badlands, old foes came face to face and everyone saw the depth of what the gift could do beyond fighting. Here’s a recap of “The Boar and the Butterfly”.

It turns out that M.K. followed Nix right to Sunny but still took a loss. M.K. was preparing to smash her head in when Sunny stepped in and used a metal rod to keep him locked to a table. Afterward, the duo went to find Ankara for answers. While the Master told Minerva it was time to fight for something bigger, Pilgrim doubted an injured M.K.’s loyalty. In return, M.K. revealed the location of the monastery so Pilgrim could recruit more dark ones.

Into the BadlandsBajie headed to the monastery and ended up getting roped into training Minerva. Their training was interrupted by a mission to find Ankara to get her knowledge on Pilgrim. The Master found Ankara’s location by using her gift to search for her and connect to her mind.  The older woman was injured by members of the Black Lotus. Sunny and Nix agreed to get her to safety in exchange for information.

Family Reunions

Elsewhere, Gaius and Tilda left Lydia and made their way to his mother’s home. Fans got to meet his half brother and Mama Chau, who was downright unpleasant. She refused to reveal Juliette’s location and told Gaius that she should have let Juliette slit his throat. After his brother revealed his sister’s location, Gaius took him out of the room and gave Tilda permission to kill his mother.

In the woods, Bajie and Minerva began to heal their relationship. The next morning, Cressida rolled up with a few dark ones to Widow’s HQ. Lydia and Moon were less than happy to see her but could only comply with her demands for food and to allow Pilgrim’s guards to replace the house butterflies. It wasn’t a hard decision when it looked like Nathaniel would have been up against two dark ones on his own.

Many Faces of the Gift

M.K. grew concerned when Pilgrim began to act strange, having a vision of Castor blaming him for his death. He advised that they rest. Elsewhere, Widow and Bajie weren’t far behind Nix, Sunny, and Ankara. While Sunny went looking for a man who could secure Ankara a spot on a ship, Bajie and Widow split up. The Widow was concerned that Sunny would try to kill her when he saw her and she was right. She tried to apologize for Veil but Sunny wouldn’t listen and went after her. In his injured state, he held his own but still ended up on the ground. Bajie was able to convince him that they were there together and on the same.

While the adults tried to hash things out, Ankara healed herself and knocked out Nix, hoping to escape. She didn’t get far before the Widow injected her with a compound that the Master gave them if Ankara refused to come quietly. As the Black Lotus crept in closer to Ankara and company, Pilgrim and his forces arrived at the base of the mountain.

Final take on last night’s Into the Badlands 

I miss the young and learning M.K. He’s turned into such an annoyance who’s shifting loyalties and temper make him unbearable to watch. On a better note, I’m happy to see Nix get some camera time and come more to the forefront of the Into the Badlands story. One of my favorite parts of “The Boar and the Butterfly” was seeing all of the different uses of the gift. With the Master’s shown control of the gift, it’s hard to imagine Pilgrim will get a win during their first meeting.

I was also happy to have the Widow’s involvement in Veil’s death revisited. Veil was one of my favorite characters because she wasn’t a warrior but a healer. She offset Sunny well and at the time she was the only black woman on the show. Even with the introduction of Cressida and the Master, she’s missed. Looking forward to watching Sunny and Widow deal with their tension.

I’m giving “The Boar and the Butterfly” a 9 out of 10.

Into the Badlands airs Mondays at 10 PM EST.


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