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So far on the second season of AMC’s Into The Badlands we’ve seen Sunny begrudgingly make a new friend in Bajie through their imprisonment and escape. M.K. is struggling with his training with the Abbotts. Ryder is still trying to prove himself and the Widow and Tilda continue to plot how to take down the other barons. One of the biggest surprises of the season so far is Quinn’s survival. When Sunny stabbed him in season one’s finale, he looked pretty dead. Not only is he alive, but he’s rebuilding his clipper force and watching over Veil and her son, Henry.

This week, Sunny and Bajie, played by Nick Frost, ran into a former clipper who went by Moon. His full name was Nathaniel Moon. When he killed the bounty hunters on their trail, I thought he was going to be a friend. But, as I’ve learned with Into the Badlands, nobody can be trusted. After Moon told his tale of loss and advised Sunny not to go back to the Badlands, the pair had a bit of a stand-off. I was on the edge of my seat. I was ready for them to fight right then and there.

When the pair finally faced off, it was a great fight. The choreography on top of the beams reminded me of the scene from season one’s episode “Fist Like a Bullet”. This time it was just one on one, but no less badass. I was actually surprised at Bajie’s accuracy when he threw that blade and chopped of Moon’s hand. He can be helpful despite how much he talks.

Into The Badlands
Emily Beecham as The Widow. Photo from AMC.

Elsewhere, Quinn continued to be the unsettling man he’s always been. The way he tries to father Henry is uncomfortable. It seemed Veil felt the same way. When the former baron took x-rays for his brain tumor, the doctor pulled a fast one and showed him a perfectly normal x-ray. In reality, the man’s tumor has grown. It’s a smart plan to keep her alive and in his good graces. I can’t help but worry about her, especially because Quinn named her son as his heir. Her situation makes me wish she could fight.

With the conclave approaching, the Widow made the decision to take Waldo with her and leave Tilda behind. I would rather have her at my side than a man who betrayed someone else to join me. Waldo’s explanation of his motivations was somewhat heartfelt, but he’s still suspicious. Could there be a disaster in the Widow’s future?

I’m at a lost when it comes to M.K.’s training. The Master is shady, M.K. doesn’t really interact with the other students, and we’ve yet to really see how much he’s grown as a fighter beyond fighting his “shadow self” in a vision. Hopefully, he’ll get the chance to show off in the real world. We still have a lot to learn about the Abbotts too. When Tate, the one trainee M.K. chatted with, tried to escape he ended up in some type of torture contraption. Can M.K. really learn to control his gift from a group that seems pretty shady and violent?

Final thoughts on this week’s Into the Badlands

We got plenty of storytelling last night. That meant a lot of dialogue and fewer action scenes. As long as we still get the amazing fight scenes, I’m okay. The Sunny vs. Moon fight and the fight against the bounty hunters were great but seemed short. The preview from next week makes it clear that there’s a big fight scene at the conclave, which is nice. This week’s episode just felt like a filler.

Moon, played by Sherman Augustus, was an interesting character. We haven’t seen many former clippers besides Waldo. Moon’s story and the path he’s taken is a new one for us. It gives a glimpse of what could end up being Sunny’s future. Hopefully, we’ll see him again. I’m also a fan of M.K. having friends. I was hoping Jordan Bolger’s Tate would be that friend. We’ll see how he fares after everything he went through if he survived.

What did you think of “Red Sun, Silver Moon”? Was this week’s Into the Badlands a little slow to you? The show airs on AMC Sundays at 10 PM EST.


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