This season on Into the Badlands we’ve seen beyond the wall, alliances have come and gone, and characters have died or had a major defeat. Season two was all about the Widow’s quest for power over the Badlands and Sunny’s fight to reunite with Veil and their son, Henry. Last’s week episode left us wondering if anyone was going to survive Quinn’s crazy plans and if Tilda survived her fight with the Widow. On last night’s season finale the action hit a peak as Sunny finally came face to face with Quinn. Let’s look back at what went down.

Reminiscent of season one, Daniel Wu’s Sunny donned the red uniform and rode a motorcycle as he went after Quinn. In Sanctuary, Waldo questioned the Widow about Tilda, who told him that she was still alive even though they had parted ways. He was ready to part ways with her as well before she offered to let him become a baron in her “new world”. In a later discussion with M.K., she demanded that the boy works with her to get his gift back. He threatened to kill himself until the Widow proved that Bajie was still alive. She had the former abbot brought out but revealed that Bajie’s only interest is in himself and that he only came for the book. M.K. believed her.

In the prison cells, Odessa freed an injured Tilda and Bajie, who decided to escape together. The trio is able to flee after Waldo convinced a clipper that they’re on an important mission. The girls drove Bajie close enough to Quinn’s hideout that he could walk before going off on their own. I still don’t think Tilda knows Odessa well enough to trust her to take care of her while she’s injured.

Elsewhere in the badlands, Sunny had perfect timing. He saved Lydia from being killed in the woods by Quinn’s men. She took out one of the men herself and warned Sunny that Quinn rigged his entire hideout with explosives. Sunny didn’t seem to heed the warning since rushed inside and tried to run through the oncoming attack of flaming arrows. He only got hit twice, but what really hindered him is falling debris after Quinn shot directly at an explosive device.

Into the Badlands
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Bajie arrived and woke Sunny up and the pair fought their way through Quinn’s men. Sunny and Veil got the great reunion scene we’ve been waiting all season for. The moment they spotted each other you knew it was about to be an emotional moment. Bajie interrupted the moment just before Quinn’s man, Jenkins, attacked. Bajie stayed behind to fight him while Sunny and Veil went to find Henry. The abbot managed to kill Jenkins but not without being stabbed in the side with a pair of scissors. It was sad but so like his character to complain about dying in such a dumb way. He collapsed in the chair and that seemed to be the end of the comedic abbot.

Upstairs, Quinn set off an explosion and faced off with Sunny. This is a fight fans have been waiting for and it did not disappoint, until the end…but I’ll get there. As usual for Into the Badlands, the choreography was legit. One of my favorite moments was the transition between fighting on the crumbling floor to fighting on top of the table. The shot of Sunny leaning back to stab Quinn in the chest was visually stunning. I’m surprised that it wasn’t the finishing blow. In a very un-Sunny like manner, the former clipper turned his back on Quinn, believing him to be dead without confirming it. Veil and Sunny went to find Baije, but he was no longer lying in the chair. Before they’re able to leave, Quinn grabbed Veil from behind and I was on the edge of my seat. I knew she wasn’t going to survive.

With a knife held to her throat, she told Sunny to go before stabbing herself and Quinn who stood directly behind her, effectively killing them both. Sunny could do nothing but watch and hold her as she died. When she told him to “Teach him [Henry] to be good” my allergies started acting up and my eyes watered. This was also the first time we see Sunny cry. I must give props to both Madeleine and Daniel for their performances.

After Sunny buried Veil, we discovered that Bajie is still alive. He took Sunny’s motorcycle and rode it to a hilltop that housed a building with a satellite dish on top. Inside, he struggled over to what look like some sort of huge computer panel. He placed the compass inside of the Widow’s Azra book and then placed both in a spot in the panel. As a message began to broadcast, he slid down against the machine repeating the word “Azra” over and over again.

Final Thoughts on the Season Two Finale of Into the Badlands

The cinematography in “Wolf’s Breath, Dragon Fire” was first-rate. I always love the wide shots in the woods and the use of lighting to build the tension. Nothing says “battle to the death” like Sunny and Quinn facing off under red lights. I was rooting for Sunny to have a life with Veil and Henry. Her death was a major blow since she’s been one of the main characters since the beginning of the series. I’m happy that she took Quinn with her, but honestly, Sunny should have been more vigilant. Emotions and his desperation ruled our warrior last night and it cost him. As Daniel Wu tweeted last night, “Moon predicted it.” earlier in the season. It’s why he warned Sunny not to go back for his family.

With the loss of Veil, Quinn, and Ryder this season and Bajie’s broadcast, season three will probably bring us a lot of new faces. While I’m more than ready to meet new characters, none of them will be able to replace Veil; one of the few women of color on the show and the basis of Sunny’s morality. The badlands are in shambles with most of the barons dead, Lydia and Jade wandering around on their own, and M.K. with the Widow. Who knows where Tilda and Odessa ran off to.

Despite my feelings about Veil’s death and the trend it follows of shock deaths, female deaths to advance the plot, and the death of WOC particularly in sci-fi, I’m giving the season finale of Into the Badlands a 10/10. The end of the season left loose threads on the right storylines, and it seems like we’ll learn more about the world outside of what we’ve seen so far in the series. It’ll also be interesting to see Sunny as a father.

Farewell to the talented Madeleine Mantock, Oliver Stark, and Marton Csokas!


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