Apple Keynote March 21

The Town Hall in Cupertino, California was once again host to the latest Apple Keynote event. These Keynotes always generate a ton of speculation among tech fans about. What is apple going to talk about and what are they going to announce? This often means that most of the announcements already get at least partly leaked. Sometimes weeks before the event starts, but it is still always an enjoyment to see what Apple exactly has in stock for us.

Apple Keynote


The first 15 minutes of the Apple Keynote talked about what they’re doing to preserve natural resources and the environment. Currently 93% of their facilities worldwide run on renewable energy and 99% of the packing paper they use is from sustainable forests or recycled paper. They also explained that they’re recycling all their hardware products through a trade in program at all their stores. Apple also talked about two projects called Researchkit and Carekit for a good 10 minutes. Researchkit allows medical researchers to make apps that can gather data on their patients so they can quickly research certain symptoms of numerous diseases. Carekit cane used to make apps that allow patients to monitor their medical condition and share this with their doctor so see if they’re making progress with their illness. These first 25 minutes present content that wasn’t really for Apple’s general audience, but a smaller group of people. I thought it’s great to see Apple puts so much effort in maintaining the environment and helping people with severe illnesses like Parkinson and making their life a little easier.

Next up they talked about the Apple watch and the Apple TV for a short amount of time. There’s nothing new with the Apple watch except some new wristbands and a $50 price drop taking the price to $299. I mean sure the new wristbands looked cool, but this wasn’t the type of announcement that made me want to have an Apple watch out of the blue. The Apple TV also got some minor updates consisting of: dictation, Siri for the app store, iCloud photo library, live photos and Folders in the Apple TV home screen. All things we have seen before in other apple products so nothing surprising there.

This is when the Apple keynote finally took off. Now we can finally start to discuss the newest edition to the iPhone family, the iPhone SE. The iPhone SE looks nearly identical to the iPhone 5S with a similar shaped aluminum body and the smaller 4-inch screen. But it’s on the inside where the iPhone SE really shines. The SE packs the A9 chip, a more power efficient battery, hey Siri voice command and the 12megapixel iSight camera giving this phone nearly similar specification to iPhone 6S. There are only some minor differences between the SE and 6S, first off the SE does not have a 720p HD screen, but a lower 1136×640 resolution. Secondly, the SE still has the 1.2mp front facing camera instead of the 5mp the 6S has. A final distinction is that the SE doesn’t have the force touch display like the 6S. Besides these three there are also some obvious differences like screen size and smaller battery in the SE. The thing that almost shocked me about the iPhone SE is the fact it starts at only $399 which makes this an incredibly cheap phone for the powerful hardware you’re getting.

apple keynote

Last, but definitely not least we have the new 9,7 inch iPad Pro. The 9,7 inch iPad Pro comes in exactly the same body as the iPad Air 2 but on the inside a lot has changed. The new Pro is a logically a lot like last year’s 12,9 inch iPad Pro, but there are a few distinct differences. I was really hoping the new Pro would have an amazing screen close to 4K like September’s iPad Pro, but unfortunately it keeps the iPad Air 2 2048-by-1536 resolution. Unlike last year’s model the new Pro does have 40% better anti reflective coating, wide color display and a true tone display which does make the screen look fantastic and significantly better looking than the Air 2. On the inside the new Pro is rocking an A9X chip just like his big brother while the new Pro got some major camera upgrades. The new Pro has a 5mp front facing and 12mp rear facing camera while last year’s model has to do with a 1.8mp on the front and the 8mp camera on the back. The new Pro also comes with the four speakers giving it much better audio then the Air 2. The new 9,7 inch iPad Pro is a lot like its big brother with some slight improvements here and there, only lacking a little bit in screen resolution.

This was a fairly decent Apple keynote with two major products being announced by apple. On the other hand, these two products were basically more of the same thing, Apple didn’t come with any major new innovation, but that’s what the September keynote is more for. One thing that was really missing today, this thing being force touch. Apple made a pretty big deal about force touch last September, but it wasn’t mentioned once today. This can either mean they might be having second thoughts and want to take a step back on force touch or they just want to keep it exclusive to their iPhone 6S and 6S plus. LuteijnEntertainmentRecent PostsApple,apple keynote,iPad,iPad Pro,iPhone,iPhone SE,KeynoteApple Keynote March 21 The Town Hall in Cupertino, California was once again host to the latest Apple Keynote event. These Keynotes always generate a ton of speculation among tech fans about. What is apple going to talk about and what are they going to announce? This often means that...Why go anywhere else for sports and entertainment?