I’m here listening to Europe (don’t ask why) and the one-hit wonder infamous “Final Countdown” track comes to mind when thinking about the Pittsburgh Steelers going forward. Let me lay it out for you. 🎶 We’re leaving together, but it’s still farewell. And maybe we’ll come back to earth, who can tell? I guess there is no one to blame, we’re leaving ground, will things ever be the same again?🎶🎶 (insert keyboard). 🎶 It’s the final count down.🎶

As silly as I made that seem honestly this could this be the final count down for the triple B’s. One of the main storylines for Pittsburgh headed into the 2017 season was Big Ben’s retirement decision. Hell even early in the season after a very sluggish start to the season Roethlisberger still flirted with the idea of retirement stating to reporters that “he didn’t know if he still had it” after throwing 5 INT’s to the Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 5, in a brutal home loss. After losing to the same exact team in the divisional round Big Ben told the Pittsburgh Gazette reporter Ron Cook after the game that “I plan on coming back next year.” But does he really? Regardless of all the drama that followed the Steelers all season with Bell sitting out during training camp, Big Ben’s retirement, Antonio Brown’s Facebook Live incident from last season, and Martavis Bryant throwing a fit because he demanded to be traded, they still finished 13-3, but what went wrong?

For starters cockiness is one of them. Bye weeks can be a blessing or could turn around and bite you where the sun don’t shine if you’re not smart about it, and that’s exactly what happened with Pittsburgh. Prior to Sunday’s game, Mike Mitchell and Le’Veon Bell foolishly overlooked the Jaguars by tweeting about looking forward to the AFC championship match against New England, and here we are. Looking at that game to begin with Pittsburgh was overly confident in themselves, and came out looking like fools going into a gun fight with a knife, because even their home crowd started to head for the doors after the first quarter with their home team down 7-28. Also for your entertainment Jacksonville did a nice job of trolling the 30-year-old cornerback and Le’Veon after the game.

Bell threatened retirement or to sit out the entire 2018 season if Pittsburgh were to franchise him again. Watching Bell play he deserves every dollar that man thinks he deserves, because not only is he arguably the best running back currently in the NFL, he’s also a damn good receiver, and a lot of times when Big Ben is throwing ducks on the road, Le’Veon is there to bail him out of bad situations. It’s also very early to predict what Bell will do, especially with the former Michigan State star expected to make around $15 million next season if he is franchised, so you gotta believe that it’s all talk right now, and it came at a bad time right before the divisional round.

Big Ben’s situation is a bit eyebrow raising right now though. Let’s just say that Le’Veon Bell does hold true to his word of sitting out because he wants the Steelers to “value him” as they should, but does Big Ben really need to come back knowing James Conner will be in his second year with very little reps with the starters in real game situations, and an aging Antonio Brown? There’s no telling, but that’s when the lyrics from the famous 80’s band hit me ” we’re leaving together (Ben and Bell possibly) and maybe we’ll never come back (obviously) will things ever be the same again? Time will tell, as this wacky Steelers drama will only play out more after the playoffs, Super Bowl and headed into the 2018 NFL draft.

Orlando Torres

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