Isaiah Oliver Draft Profile

Isaiah Oliver draft


  • Size
  • Speed
  • Explosive leaper
  • Press coverage
  • Makeup speed
  • Aggressive
  • Dominant in man coverage
  • Soft hands
  • Work ethic


Isaiah Oliver has elite size and speed with arms that go on and on for days. Basically, he looks the way teams want corners to look. I have watched him grow and blossom as a fan of the Colorado Buffaloes. His improvement each year stands out–he puts in the work necessary to become the best. On tape, he disrupts route release with long jabs into receiver’s frame from press. Easy to open and sprint against vertical threats. Oliver possesses plus deep speed and is an explosive leaper. He is a former decathlete and a highly competitive one at that. He has the tools and trigger to stalk and challenge routes underneath from off-man. He plays with a greater margin for error early in the rep due to makeup speed and arm length. Soft hands–can make incredible catches running full speed. Aggressive to claw and rake hands and arms through catch attempt. His length and frame force opposing quarterbacks to make perfect touch passes over him. Great work ethic and a true leader on the Buffaloes defense.


  • Too tall in backpedal
  • Plant, re-direct, lateral change of direction
  • Aggressiveness in run support
  • Takes chances in coverage
  • Footwork


The athleticism of Oliver is evident on tape, but sometime he trusts his abilities too much. In off-man coverage, he will struggle planting and re-directing against a receivers comeback route or quick stop. Allows workable separation from route stems and breaks. He struggles to gear down from sprint mode. Unable to stay in phase with comeback routes from bump and run. Too tall in his backpedal. Needs to show more aggression against the run. Solid tackler when focused on it–but will go for the ankles and trip-up instead of wrapping up the ball carrier.

What the experts say: Oliver possesses an outstanding combination of size, speed and length and those traits are highly coveted by NFL general managers. There are coverage holes in Oliver’s game and he needs to play with increased toughness, but he’s just scratching the surface of what his talent could allow him to do on the next level with more experience and technique work. Oliver has a high ceiling as a bump-and-run, lockdown corner, but might benefit from a limited role his rookie season.–Lance Zierlein

Size: 6’1 190lbs

Draft Rank: No.2 CB

NFL Comparison: Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie

Draft Projection: Round 1

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