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Jalen Ramsey needs to settle down a little bit. Jacksonville’s All-Pro, second-year cornerback levied some harsh criticism against most of the quarterbacks in the league recently, and some of it simply baffles me. I mean, I know he’s got plenty of time on his hands this week, but there’s got to be a more constructive way of spending it.

He referred to Buffalo Bills rookie quarterback Josh Allen as “trash” based on his performance in college, and also criticized the fact that he believes Allen went to a “small” school because it’s not as big as Florida State, Ramsey’s alma mater. Now Ramsey is criticizing someone who has yet to play a single down of regular-season football, so I’m not sure where this is coming from other than the college game. By that same logic, Tom Brady must also be trash because his college stats weren’t impressive. Of course, Ramsey doesn’t think that Brady sucks.

The most baffling thing about his comments was about Eli Manning. “It’s not really Eli. I think it’s Odell. I won’t say Eli’s good. I’ll say Odell’s good. And their connection is good”. This really bothers me. Odell Beckham came into the league in 2014. At that point, Eli Manning had already won two Super Bowls, including one where his Giants were heavy underdogs against the unstoppable force that was the 18-0 (going into the game) Patriots, who had already beaten the Giants at the end of the regular season. This was, remember, the same season that saw Tom Brady set the then-record for touchdown passes (50), Randy Moss set the current record for touchdown receptions (23) and the Patriots were being crowned champions before the playoffs even began. Then Manning beat the Patriots again in 2011 for his second championship and second Super Bowl MVP. This was, for the record, several seasons before Beckham joined the team.

I don’t get Ramsey’s particular brand of trash talk in this case. “I won’t say Eli’s good. I’ll say Odell’s good.” Fine. Doesn’t make any sense. How many Super Bowl wins have the Giants had since Beckham’s arrival? Oh right, zero. And in case he didn’t remember, let me remind Jalen Ramsey that despite his criticism of his coach’s game plan and play calling in the AFC Championship against the Patriots in January, it was the defense that allowed the Patriots to come back from a ten-point deficit. And the Jaguars had a ten-point lead in the fourth quarter. It wasn’t the fact that the Jaguars “started running it on first and second down, throwing it on third down every single time” because the play calling had been just fine and had resulted in the Jaguars leading in the final frame of the game. Once you get a lead, you try to run the clock out and give your opponent as little time as possible to mount a comeback.

Ramsey seems to want to heap criticism on everyone, but remind me again about what he’s accomplished in his one-year career that would allow him to critique players who were in the league while he was in grade school? Sure, he was a first-year All-Pro selection because he’s very, very good. Has he played in a Super Bowl? No. Maybe it’s because he won a National Championship at Florida State? Didn’t do that, either. League MVP? No. Lead the league in interceptions? No, eleven players had more than he did – he was tied for 12th with 13 others. He was 4th in opposing QB passer rating, seventh in opponent catch rate, 13th in both yards per game and interception rate. He wasn’t even the most dominant cornerback on his own team, let alone in the league – that was free-agent acquisition (from the Texans) A.J. Bouye. Again, Ramsey is very, very good, but not at the level where he can take shots at NFL and Super Bowl MVPs and talk about how bad he thinks they are and be taken seriously. If he’s trying to get into the heads of opponents, I guess I can understand that. Although if you’re trying to disrupt the Giants, Beckham is a much easier target than Eli.

His targeting of Eli makes no sense. He doesn’t think Eli is good, but Aaron Rodgers is. Eli has won more Super Bowls than Rodgers, for what it’s worth. Among his other amazing insights into the game, he believes Nick Foles is “good enough to win a Super Bowl”. Wow. That take was so hot it burned off my eyebrows. You think so, Jalen? You think that, after accomplishing that very feat, you think he’s indeed good enough to win a Super Bowl? Did you think that prior to the game? Kirk Cousins is “a winner”. What has he won? Sure, he’s good against bad teams but if you’re a team over .500, there’s a 79% chance you beat him. He’s only 4-19 against teams with a winning record. That doesn’t scream success to me. What are your standards, Jalen?

I’m all for trash talk, but do it on the field. If you simply cannot control yourself and find that you have no choice but to do it publicly, do it when you’ve accomplished at least as much as the person you’re chirping at, if not more. Or maybe chirp at people you’re directly defending. Maybe Jalen Ramsey is super confident in his skills, but if that was the case, why does he refuse to say he’ll shut down the receivers he goes against? I don’t know. None of this really makes sense. All I know is that Jalen Ramsey needs to chill, but that’s just my opinion.

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