Jayson Tatum-SF-Duke
Size: 6’8 204lbs

Jayson Tatum


  • Size
  • Great isolation game
  • Improved jumper
  • Solid footwork
  • Wide array of scoring moves
  • Decent court vision
  • High basketball IQ

Analysis: Jayson Tatum is a 6’8 smooth and versatile wing prospect with good size, length, and fluidity for a wing. He uses his size and length to shoot over defenders. Good half-court offensive game—he can score and distribute out of the high post. He had a great freshman season at Duke, finishing with averages of 16.8 points, 7.3 rebounds, and 2.1 assists per game for Mike Krzyzewski and the 28-9 Blue Devils. Tatum has added to his arsenal over the last year by diversifying his offensive attack. That improvement starts on the perimeter, as Tatum connected on 34.2% of his four three-point attempts per game, an encouraging, albeit still inconsistent, addition to his game for a player who struggled from deep at times as a high school prospect. Tatum is most effective on the perimeter when he has time to gather himself, as he shot 40.5% on unguarded catch and shoot shots, according to Synergy Sports Technology, most of which were from three-point range. That form broke down a little bit when rushed, as defensive pressure resulted in some inconsistencies in his balance and shooting motion, and the 29.3% Tatum shot on contested catch-and-shoot shots ranked in the bottom third of qualified players. Shortening his release and speeding it up will likely be a focus for Tatum early on in his career, especially if a team eases him into a role rather than asking him to be a primary initiator from day one. Tatum is a solid defender, who has the tools and ability to guard multiple positions. He shows surprising leadership for a player his age. Doesn’t have any major weaknesses to his game.


  • Could add muscle to his frame
  • More consistency to jump shot
  • Average first step
  • Ball handling

Analysis: Jayson Tatum is a high level athlete, but not a jump out of the gym freak. He lacks strength for physical play at higher levels but should add that strength in time. He has the ability to make difficult shots but tends to settle for deep contested shots. Fades away at times when it’s unnecessary. Shooting is decent, but in need of improvement. Form doesn’t show any major issues, but is more of a solid shooter than knockdown at this point. Like many tall forwards at the collegiate level, Tatum played a large portion of his minutes at the power forward spot to make way for Duke’s deep perimeter attack. This afforded Tatum a quickness advantage that may not always be there at the next level. He’s gotten better shooting off the dribble, but it’s still not at the point where he can consistently create value out of pick and roll sets. He’s gotten better shooting off the catch but, even with a high release point, still shows inconsistencies in his mechanics, and can be bothered by a strong closeout.

NBA Comparison: Paul Pierce

Draft Projection: Top 5


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