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John Wick 3 opened tonight at my local theater. The story picks back up where chapter 2 left off. Just an f.y.i Parabellum is not the last in the saga. Keanu stated he will reprise his role again if the fans want him to. He performed 98% of his stunts and began training five months before filming began. Halle Berry also performed many of her own stunts and broke three ribs while filming.

Parabellum is Latin meaning ‘prepare for war’.

The following contains spoilers and if you have not seen the first two movies, most of this review will be foreign to you

John (Keanu Reeves) and his faithful dog Blue are trying desperately trying to get away from the $14 million dollar hit on his head after he assassinated a new member of the high table. They are running through the rain when John hails a cab. He needs to reach the New York public library. The traffic is at a standstill. John instead pays the driver with a coin to make sure Blue will be received and kept safe at The Continental. The driver agrees. John takes one last look at blue before running from the cab.

John runs on foot to the library and ask for a specific book the librarian tells him where to go. It contain the coins, a russian style rosary,a marker and a picture of Wick and his dead wife. Suddenly a hit man named Seagal appears he is a assassin himself and has decided to kill john before his one hour head start is up.

A fight ensues and john eventually kills him with of all things a book. Seagal stabbed John injuring an artery. John calls on his friend simply called the doctor (Randall Duk Kim). The doctor agrees to stitch him up but John’s head start is up. He has to finish the suture up himself. The doctor has been threatened to not help John. He disobeys and ask John to shoot him once in the floating rib and below his collarbone.

As John is leaving Zero’s men follow him into a building filled with guns and knives. As John is trying to build his own gun he gets off one shot and must use his martial arts skills to dodge knives and axes. He succeeds only to be hit twice by two different cars. He runs inside a livery stable. The Russian assassins follow him and John must use the horses as weapons. John manages to tie the rope wrapped around the horse to one assassin’s neck and dragged him behind. John must fight more bad guys while riding a horse the other guys drove motorcycles.

John then goes to a theater where he presents the rosary. He is taken inside and meets the director (Anjelica Huston) she’s pushing a ballet dancer to her limits to perfect her dance. At first she wants nothing to do with him. The two began speaking Russian. He practically grovels while he uses his Russian name, Jardoni Jonovich, he tells her he was an orphan of the lost tribe of Belarus and she has no choice but to help him. She accepts.

He asks to go to Casablanca to see Sophia (Halle Berry) and her boss Berrada (Jerome Flynn) the director takes the rosary breaks off the cross and hands it to one of the men. He then takes it and places it in the fire–once it’s red hot he brands the cross into John’s back. The director turns her back on John.
After a brief knife fight in an underground tunnel, John receives back up from one of Sophia’s men. He’s taken to the Casablanca’s Continental .

Sophia is anything but pleased, she doesn’t want to help but John has a marker and she must help. We later learn John saved Sophia’s daughter so she owes him one. Eventually after both dogs are fitted with bullet proof vests and hidden guns they leave to see Berrada.

He refuses to lead John to the Elder the head of the high table. He gives John instructions to follow the dogstar and walk the desert until he is almost dead. If the Elder wants to find him he will.

Berrada wants Sophia’s dog–when she refuses, he shoots it. Sophia opens fire on her other dog and grabs Berrada by the penis and begins ripping. John and Sophia fight and battle with Berrada’s men. Sophia wants to kill Berrada but John stops her.

Sophia drops John off in the desert to try and find the Elder. He eventually collapses. The Elder sends for him. Once in his presence the Elder (Saïd Taghmaoui) gives John an ultimatum. Die or kill Winston. John agrees and cuts off his ring finger to show fidelity to the high table.

Back in New York the adjudicator (Asia Kate Dillon) punishes everyone who has helped Wick to escape. Winston must give up his beloved Continental. The Bowery king (Laurence Fishburne) seven lashes . The director receives a knife wound to both palms, while the adjudicator eventually recruits Zero (Mark Dacascos) and his “students” to kill anyone in the way.

John decides he can’t kill Winston (Ian McShane)–then John and Charon decide fight back against the high table. That is all I will unveil in this review. There is a lot of martial arts, gun fights and chases–so your typical John Wick action movie. My final opinion is I want more. I can’t wait for chapter 4. I have enjoyed the John Wick series and expect the box office numbers to force everyone’s hands in continuing the series.

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