I was shocked when I read the news. I don’t know Jon ‘Bones’ Jones personally, but as a fan who’s watched him since day one I was sick to my stomach after hearing this. The whole MMA world was really hoping that we were getting a different more mature Jon Jones this time around, as he seemed to carry himself more seriously. I was notified by a member of our staff, Ryan Thomas, and I was hoping he was lying. He put out a good article last night which everybody should check out, but as a fight fan myself and huge Jon Jones fan I’m going to weigh in on what I believe the UFC does going forward with Jones.

Jon Jones
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Just days away from the biggest event in UFC history to-date, the 28 year old interim champ Jon Jones was surprisingly pulled from the biggest fight card in UFC history. Undoubtedly, Jones had the chance to go out in front of the world to redeem himself, prove to all the doubters that he was a different person since being gone from the octagon in April 2015 for a hit-and-run incident which ended with the company stripping him of his title. Just before that in January 2015, Jones was fined $25,000 for testing positive for cocaine with his fight with Daniel Cormier at UFC 182. Although cocaine didn’t give Jones an advantage it puts a massive asterisk on his name, and certainly now that asterisk will follow his career as it was announced yesterday by USADA that Jones had tested positive for an unknown substance last month on June 16th.

This is a tough one to swallow for fight fans globally, Dana White, along with the company itself, but most importantly for Cormier. This is the third time the fight has been rescheduled. Possibly one of the greatest rivalries in sports at the moment was between Jones and Cormier, so much drama and hype put into the fight, and we were finally going to get to see it unravel this Saturday at UFC 200. After being scrapped in April to see the fight depressingly scrapped again and potentially for good this time, it’s no secret Cormier is losing out on millions of dollars, and is the loser at the end of the day. Even if Dana is able to find a last-minute replacement it’s not going to be the same for Cormier or MMA fans in general. This is a guy we’ve seen cry after losing to Jones at 182, we’ve seen him get under Jones skin,  we’ve seen him defend his title numerous times hoping to prove that the first fight with Jones was a fluke, and that he was done playing around with these boys now that Jones was back in the fight picture.

As a huge fan of Jon Jones I’m at a loss for words. I hope he gets the help that he needs, because I’ll go out on a limb and say that he could’ve been the next Anderson Silva. Silva won the Middleweight championship back in 2006, and had successfully defended his title ten times before losing it in 2013. Jon Jones defeated Shogun at UFC 128 back in 2011, and defended his title 8 straight times before being stripped last April 2015. So there’s no doubt in my mind that he’d still be champ if he would’ve never let his demons get the best of him. Sadly now you can view him as the Lance Armstrong of the UFC as the doping questions well seemingly follow him for a good while. All Jon Jones has the moment has at the moment is that hopefully his appeal process can work in his favor, along with the still B- sample as we wait for that to unfold. If Jones tests positive for a PED or a substance along those lines he is facing a 2-year ban, and possibly a harsher punishment being that he’s on probation. Ultimately I think the UFC pulls the plug on Jones this time around if the B- sample comes out positive for a banned substance.

This is just the beginning as we’re all going to see more fighters randomly tested. Hopefully something positive can come out of this, being that all fighters should take notice as nobody wants to see something of this nature happen again. Brock Lesnar vs Mark Hunt is being promoted as the main event for the time being, but don’t be surprised if Dana is able to pull something out of his hat with it being very likely that we can still see Cormier in action on Saturday night.

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