Jonathan Isaac-F-Florida State
Size: 6’10 210lbs

Jonathan Isaac


  • Size
  • Length
  • Versatile
  • Solid defender
  • Quickness for size
  • High ceiling

Analysis: Jonathan Isaac could be the prospect with the highest ceiling in this years draft, but he also has the most room to improve and grow. Isaac has a rare combination of size, length, and fluidity for wing player, in many ways similar to Kevin Durant at the same age from a physical and skill standpoint; at 6’10.5” with a 9’0.5” standing reach. He has the size to play the four (and possibly even 5) when necessary and be a presence inside once his frame fills out, but he also runs the floor like a natural wing player. Isaac is a quick jumper and shows good vertical explosion, particularly off of two feet when he has momentum to the basket, his length and athleticism also point towards potential as a rebounder. He showed flashes on the glass regularly at Florida State, averaging 9.6 rebounds per 40 minutes, and should develop into an even more potent rebounder as he matures. He is not going to be a 40-plus percent shooter from three-point land right away, but he has clearly established himself as a threat from outside (1.7 made threes per 40 minutes) with the ability to make tough pull-ups and fadeaways. Isaac is also a sound ball-handler and despite not having carte blanche at Florida State, he has shown the ability to create his own shot with a variety of moves. His ability to pull up off the dribble is extremely intriguing to NBA scouts. He has the tools to eventually become a player that can lock down multiple positions. He moves laterally quite well and should become a valuable switchman off the pick and roll. His agility and foot speed can contain smaller players on the perimeter but also has the size and reach to give bigger players a hard time down low. He is not ready to play down low regularly, but he is long and agile enough to provide glimpses of rim protection when needed to play the 4. He is a late bloomer that was a 6’3” guard in high school and is just scratching the surface of his abilities … Players with his combination of size, length, fluidity, and skill are extremely rare, and he will be a great fit in today’s NBA.


  • Needs to add muscle to his frame
  • Jump shot not consistent
  • Passing
  • Strength down low

Analysis: Jonathan Isaac was 6’3 just a couple of seasons ago, before having an Anthony Davis-like growth spurt, which shows he still has not grown into his own body yet, and is very thin for his size at only 205 pounds. He has a lot of skill but has to rely on finesse a bit too often rather than physicality–which won’t work in the NBA consistently. He struggles on the interior as a 4 man due to a lack of strength and toughness, and he can be pushed out of his spots pretty easily on offense. For example, he lacks the core strength to get all the way to the rim against physical defenders and can get knocked off course, especially when he elevates. He has shown a tendency to shy away from contact and often will not explode all the way to the rim even when he has his man beat. Shooting will be the barometer of how well of a prospect Isaac can become. He still needs to become a more consistent shooter to become a truly reliable threat from the outside, and he is not a great ball handler under pressure. He has a tendency to settle for tough jumpers even when he has an open lane. He does not always read and react to the defense well and can waste dribbles without covering any ground. Isaac is best suited as a mismatch four man at the next level rather than a pure wing player, as he has a solid handle but does not always get somewhere with the dribble. While his ceiling is substantial, his readiness is not where some of his peers in this draft are at, giving him a bigger basement as well, and greater risk.

NBA Comparison: Anthony Randolph

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