Josh Allen Draft Profile

Josh Allen Draft Profile


  • Strongest arm in the draft
  • Ideal size
  • Variety of release points
  • Athletic, can scramble out of pressure
  • Can play under center and in shotgun
  • Asked to read entire field in college
  • Goes through progressions
  • Deep out throw is a thing of beauty
  • Hand size
  • Work ethic
  • High football IQ


Josh Allen is one of the most intriguing and heavily debated prospects in the draft. He has the prototypical size for an elite pocket passer, but his athleticism sets him apart from the other ‘pocket passers’. His sturdy base allows him to shake off sacks and extend plays. In terms of arm strength, Allen is in a class of his own. He has a variety of release points if needed. Can uncork suddenly when it breaks open. Able to thread the needle with a rocket launcher. Makes throws that no other quarterback in college can make. On film, his deep out throws are a thing of beauty. He is able to outpace safeties to deep sideline throws. Aggressive pump-fakes open double moves. His scrambling ability sets him a part from the rest of the ‘pocket passers’ in this class–he turns into competent traffic director when scrambling. Can roll right and fling it down the field with impressive velocity and placement. His arm strength and mobility allow him to create explosive plays when play goes off-schedule. The Wyoming offense is very pro-style ready and that has allowed Allen to develop sooner–he was asked to read the entire field in the Cowboys offense. He has experience under center and operating in play-action passing attack. Willing to pull it and move the chains with his legs. Has experience in poor weather. Willing to put the work in to be the best.

Bottom line:

Allen is not a finished product yet, but he is willing to put the work in to become one. There is always a lot of talk about the mediocre numbers Allen put up during his time at Wyoming–but what isn’t always mentioned is his lack of an offensive line–one of the worst in FBS and his lack of skill position players (top 20 in highest drop rate in all of FBS). Allen has all the physical tools to succeed and can make some truly special throws, but his ability to improve the mental part of his game will determine whether he’s a good NFL starter or just another big, strong-armed guy. I have full confidence Allen will be able to do just that, hence why he is the No.1 QB on MFST’s big board.


  • Some accuracy issues
  • Patience, tries to do too much
  • Needs to work on ‘touch’ passes
  • Anticipatory throws
  • Loses footwork when pressured


Josh Allen never had completion rate higher than 56 percent in either season as a starter. Accuracy diminishes greatly when he’s forced to move his feet. May have too much hero in his blood. Tries to overcome obstacles with arm talent and makes poor decisions because of it–this likely won’t happen in the pros with comparable talent around him. Allen is a fastball pitcher whose touch could use improvement.¬†Would benefit by trading some velocity for better timing. His biggest weakness in my eyes is his slow anticipatory throws–working with a solid QB coach should help in that area.¬†Doesn’t keep feet “throw-ready” when sliding in pocket. Frequently defaults to off-platform throws when there is time to set feet and deliver.

Draft Rank: No.1 QB

NFL Comparison: Carson Wentz

Draft Projection: Top 10

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