Killing FieldsLast night’s episode of Killing Fields began with Randy Patrick driving to a farmhouse that is on fire. The local fire department is trying to put out the blaze. We get a quick recap as Patrick refreshes our memory of last week’s episode. Witnesses have connected Johnnie Tynes Sr. and Carrie Singer. The pair knew one another.

Potter briefs the detectives on the similarities between the cases. Both were naked from the waist down. Both had vicious blows to the head that caused their deaths. They think the same killer killed both victims and Carrie died because she saw who murdered Johnnie. Moving forward with the investigation, detectives question people in Johnnie’s neighborhood.

They find three others who say Johnnie knew Carrie. Johnnie Tynes’ daughter-in-law Betsy and Melania Pulley. A third was an anonymous caller. Victor Scott, a friend of both Johnnie and Trabion Tynes, comes in to talk to police. He says he heard that Trabion went to work, left and went home, was gone for awhile and came back. Victor also says that Shameka Cordell, Trabion’s ex-wife, was rumored to be having sex with Trabion’s father. Apparently, Trabion caught them together. Victor believes Trabion killed his father in a jealous rage.

Another friend and colleague of Trabion’s who preferred to be called Chuckie talks to the sheriff’s office about what he witnessed the day Johnnie was murdered. He says that he and Trabion were remodeling an old farmhouse that day. He was on the roof and Trabion asked “Chuckie” what was the quickest way to Lowe’s. They needed paint. He says after giving him the directions, Trabion purposefully drove in the opposite direction.

“Chuckie” says that Victor Scott came down the lane later with the news Johnnie was dead. They broke the news to Trabion who needed to be put in Scott’s vehicle to be taken to the murder site. No painting supplies were found in Trabion’s vehicle despite his trip to Lowe’s.

The detectives then interviewed the homeowner who corroborated both Scott’s and Chuckie’s stories. Potter is briefed by Patrick, Edwards, and Coughlin at the sheriff’s department meeting. It’s now July at an outdoor barbecue. They agree they need Shameka to come in for questioning. Shameka appears worn out, troubled and scared. She says Trabion was a horrible husband. That he beat her and accused her of sleeping with his father. She denies a sexual relationship ever happened between her and her father-in-law. She also connected Singer to Johnnie. The team senses that she is holding back information.

Patrick and Potter ask Trabion to come in for a polygraph on Tuesday morning. At first, he hesitates but then finally agrees. Shane Roberts conducts the polygraph and Trabion acts dazed throughout. Three of the key questions Trabion fails and shows deception. Especially the question, “Did you kill your father?’. The detector shot off the scale.

Elsewhere, a Florida lab had some DNA come back on a rag and Carrie’s sports bra. They also found human hair. Parabond is making a composite drawing of the the suspect who’s DNA was found on Carrie’s clothing. This week episode of Killing Fields ends with Coughlin going surfing and talking about how none of the things he used to do to de-stress himself are working since the cold case has been reopened. Next week, they will question Shameka again.


Killing Fields airs Thursdays on the Discovery Channel.


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