Killing Fields Season 3 Episode 6 recap

Killing Fields

Patrick and Coughlin are both unable to let the Carrie Singer case go, and both are hoping they will solve it. That’s how tonight’s episode of Killing Fields began.

To catch up on last week’s episode of Killing Fields you can find the recap here.

Susan Morgan and Donald Edwards were not present during the Parabond briefing. Potter, Coughlin and Patrick bring them up to speed on the composite generated pic.

David Cruz abducted and raped a prostitute on June 28,2004. The prostitute was staying across the street from the motel Carrie was staying at on Jefferson Avenue.

The prostitute stated he followed her to a red light, rolled down the window and begin talking to her. She willingly got into the car with him. She said they drove to a nearby school to park and have sex. It was dark and secluded.

She said Cruz got out of the car pulled out a small revolver. He instructed her to get on her knees and if she didn’t do as he instructed he would pistol-whip her. She said she feared for her life and did whatever he asked.

Coughlin and Edwards check out the school. They both agree it’s no wonder the prostitute was afraid for her life and they believed Cruz could have killed her.

Coughlin and Edwards later go to the store Cruz works at for surveillance. Edwards pretends he needs paint in order to make contact with the subject.

After briefing Potter, Bert, Patrick and Susan on what they found so far, Susan the unassuming spitfire agrees to play the role of damsel in distress. They need Cruz’s DNA to test.

A mobile surveillance unit parks in the lot so if Susan needs help they can rescue her. Susan’s pretense is she needs her windshield wipers replaced.

She gets lucky and Cruz is the associate who gets that job. She asks to keep the cartons and drives off so Coughlin can remove them for evidence.

Meanwhile Bert brings in the 25-caliber revolver Cruz used to threaten the prostitute. The size and the type of wound mark would match the blows to Carrie Singer’s head if she had been pistol whipped.

Patrick’s impatient and want to bring Cruz in before the DNA results get back. Patrick and Coughlin bring Cruz in for questioning. He denies he’s Carrie’s murderer. He doesn’t believe raping the prostitute was wrong and states”I pulled out the gun and said this one’s for free” he agrees to take a polygraph and DNA swabs.

Coughlin is staying up to┬ásurveillance Cruz’s residence. Next week you will get to see detectives confront and arrest Trabion Tynes for his father’s murder. He’s has an indictment of murder and has been in jail since September 13. Detectives have a new suspect in the Singer case. Only two more episodes left this season.

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