Kliff Kingsbury TExas Tech

There’s no escaping with beach vacations or swimming away in Gulf waters across town or close by in this part of Texas. Kliff Kingsbury will have a ton of pressure for his team to deliver expected and mandatory improved play for the 2017 season— one with zero guarantee of being followed with another season coaching Tech.

Ugly play, specifically defensively, of which has led Kingsbury and Tech to a record of 24-26, not even terrible, not even bad. But I also never said it was good and certainly is not good enough.

Kingsbury’s not a bad coach. And Tech is not a bad job.

But another reminder here importantly is: excuses are not made more often than needed or appropriate and are best to be left out in totality and all other things.  And it seems that Tech is either adamant and essentially knows Kingsbury is the best coach for its school or is in the business of making excuses and is bigger in that excuse business then the boys in Austin, Houston or Waco.

The fittingly uncertain future status of his job title is deserved with a 7-6 and 5-7 record the last two seasons. The kid  was supposed to come home to lift the program forward and up. Things were supposed to go pretty smoothly— and that’s kind of how it started out.

But nothing with him as coach so far has been great, like that of which his play was during his Lubbock college days or the results that panned out in his early coaching days as offensive coordinator.   Things have not been good— not even okay, lately. What was supposed to be any easy transition and supplanted as a taken job, has been anything but such so far.

The results recently with tech football, which definitely have not been prolific in terms of wins, are results that are quite different from that in the final years of the tenure of the coach who helped and installed schemes that helped Kingsbury produce prolific statistics and were of influences in the success enabling Kingsbury to be a head coach— that coach was Mike Leach.  Kingsbury would not be the Tech coach today if he had not been exposed to and did not have a reputation associated with Leach and the type of offenses leach produced with Cliff Kingsbury and other quarterbacks too. Tech would only give that job to a former player who was prolific in winning for the school and play too, of which Kingsbury certainly did and Leach was definitely a huge part in when Kingsbury was the 2002 Big 12 Offensive Player of the Year.

At most schools, Kingsbury would already be gone. That’s not being negative or creating controversy in saying that he would be gone:  because it is solely and nothing but truth and would be solely and nothing but truth at 90 percent of major colleges. And there’s absolutely no denying that.

Tech is a great institution. And there are many great people in Lubbock and West Texas. But it’s fairly apparent that either the tech decision makers do NOT VIEW AND SEE GREAT as the equivalent to Tech football and what the expectations are, that or maybe Tech officials are using a way different method and philosophy to view the overall program . Interestingly, few actually and surely know just what the thought process of the administration is for Kingsbury.  Why he’s still there comes down to three simple options…

One is Tech officials just simply and don’t believe there’s a better coach. Another is, they could know a lot that others in the football profession do not and have enough accurate insight to know surely the program is changing and is ultimately on the rise. And if the two things just mentioned are not the reason why Kingsbury is still around, then the next possible and most unfortunate one is that Tech’s administration simply views tech as an inferior job with it being much more isolated and separated from other schools and major cities.

Football is big in West Texas. It basically is West Texas.  Football is at the heart of the roots of the area and the people of that area and donors of Tech, want to stay there to watch good football.

Either way, those in West Texas who love football and Tech football, will be there to watch high quality football again one day at least fairly soon.  It’s certainly questionable if Kingsbury is on the sideline when that time comes. Tech opens the season Sept.2 at home versus Eastern Washington and the first real challenge will come when Todd Graham is back in Texas while taking on Arizona state exactly two weeks later.

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