Kolton Miller Draft Profile

Kolton Miller draft profile


  • Size: height and length
  • High motor
  • Wants to win every snap
  • Possesses good power in his hands
  • Wide base in his pass sets
  • Has necessary foot quickness and athletic ability to mirror counter spins and inside charges
  • Strong upward punch
  • Drops a late anchor when driven back into the pocket
  • Knows and understands twists and stunts
  • Catches and slides them out of the picture

Analysis: Kolton Miller has the chance to be an above average tackle in the NFL–he has the size you look for in the position. Miller may not be the most athletic mover, but his motor sets him apart. He wants to win every snap, crushing his opponent and flat-out wanting to dominate. His hands are strong and powerful and he will shoot them out knocking defenders off-balance at times. He is a student of the game, specifically his position–he understands defenses in front of him, reading potential twists and stunts before they happen. He isn’t the most athletic tackle but he has the foot quickness to mirror pass rush moves—he keeps the defender in front of him when they work counter moves/spins etc.


  • Not the most fluid mover
  • Stiff hips in kick-slides rob him of lateral quickness to mirror and punch edge racers
  • Invites defenders into his frame when playing with slow, wide hands
  • Needs more consistent latch and finish with his hands
  • Powerful opponents can yank him off-balance with pulls and sheds
  • Not a natural bender

Analysis: As mentioned above, Kolton Miller is not the most athletic lineman in the draft, his lateral movements in his pass slides are segmented and there are reps that he has to completely break from his technique to chase edge rushers to the corner.┬áHe has the physical traits to become an above average NFL starter, but he’ll need to improve his pass pro technique and become a better finisher in the run game. His hands are strong, but slow and he needs to latch onto his defenders (without holding) if he wants to keep with his man at the next level. Powerful lineman can get Miller on the ground with solid push/pulls or a rip move. He gets beaten often on the outside to faster edge rushers–kick-slide is slow and his hands are not quick enough to engage. Still a work in progress, but has the tools to be a solid starter.

Size: 6’9 310lbs

Draft Grade: 2nd round

NFL Comparison: Garrett Bolles

Draft Projection: Round 1

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