MSFT will take a look at the Los Angeles Lakers NBA Draft and grade the Lakers’ 2nd over and 32nd picks in the draft.
lakers nba draft

And with the No. 2 overall pick…

The Los Angeles Lakers select…
Brandon Ingram!!
Lakers NBA Draft
Surprised? …Didn’t think so
And you shouldn’t be, many pegged the Lakers selecting Brandon Ingram with the 2nd overall pick, but it doesn’t make the choice any less great. Ingram is a 6′ 9″ Forward, who can shoot the lights out, evident from his 41% clip from beyond the arc in his lone season at Duke. Ingram is great perimeter threat, and with Russell and Clarkson (if re-signed) Ingram won’t need to do too much and try to create for himself, instead can become a spot up shooter in his first season and continues to develop.
Ingram fits the Lakers, and new head coach Luke Walton’s scheme, making this selection even better. The Lakers who were in dire need of a wing, who can knock the down the 3, got just that with Ingram. And with his 7′ 3″ wingspan, provides defensive potential, making it difficult for other wings to get by and shoot over him.
His potential is oozing, and along with Russell, Clarkson and Randle, Ingram will add  to an already talented Lakers core to build for the future, and past the Kobe Era.

And with the 32nd overall pick…

the Los Angeles Lakers select…
Ivica Zubac, the 19-year-old big man from Croatia.
With Zubac, the Lakers get a big body down low coming in at 7′ 1″, with a 7′ 4″ wingspan and weighing 265 Lbs. Zubac has the body and strength to hold his own and bang with other bigs in the NBA. Zubac also has good hands, and a soft touch around the post. Although Zubac is offensively skilled in the paint, his shot selection doesn’t expand past that, and is not explosive,  but he is just 19, and has time to work on developing his mid-range shot. 
With Zubac considered a First round talent, the Lakers picked up a solid old-fashioned big, with tremendous size. And whether he comes over right away, or is stashed, Zubac is good value pick early in the second round.
Overall, this was a good draft for the Lakers who possessed the second overall pick for the second straight year, and an early second rounder slotted at No. 32. They were able to fit their needs in selecting a wing who can shoot, and brought along another big with long-term potential to develop. The Lakers future looks bright, with a tremendous core of Russell, Clarkson, Randle, Ingram and Zubac. Making LA an attractive destination for free agents.
Grade: A

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