So LaVar Ball has now pulled his youngest son out of high school because he cannot get along with the coach. This was reported on Monday by Ramona Shelburne of ESPN. Up until yesterday, LaMelo Ball thought he was enjoying his junior year of high school at Chino Hills. Before I comment, and ask questions, let’s hear the reasoning straight from LaVar Ball (courtesy ESPN via YouTube)…


So let me start by repeating five quotes from this two minutes that stuck out most to me…

  1. “Two high school coaches in two months”

  2. “They ain’t got it yet”

  3. “All you gotta do is get along with me, and guess what, you go 35-0”

  4. “When you try to do it your way…goodbye”

  5. “Miss out on what?”


The audacity of the things that come out of this guys mouth blows my mind. There comes a time when you have to stop looking around for the problem, because you could have always found it by looking in the mirror. After hearing these comments, I have to ask myself, why isn’t LaVar Ball the coach at Chino Hills? He obviously knows the key to winning. Could it be that he is not qualified?

Despite having ridiculously claiming he could have beat Michael Jordan 1-on-1, and a very brief bench career, for a year at Washington State, he majored in Criminal Justice at Division II Cal State-Los Angeles. From what I can gather, his idea of a gameplan is to force his son to shoot 50 times a game. That is what caused issues with last year’s, and former Chino Hills head coach Stephen Gilling.

In case you haven’t heard the story, Chino Hills was in a playoff game last year, a game in which LaMelo had 92 points. Unfortunately for Chino Hills, the final play was to let LaMelo dribble out the clock and fire up a wild shot. Chino Hills lost. Much like LaVar’s Big Baller AAU team did all summer long.

“They ain’t got it yet”. Yes, LaVar, they actually did get it. That’s why new head coach Dennis Latimore was going to do things his way, and form a high school basketball team, not a side-show AAU circus. The audacity to say, “all you gotta do is get along with me”, shows where the problem lies. LaVar doesn’t get along with anyone. Coaches, referee’s, media members, even his own son…


These comments are funny coming from the guy who has a problem with everyone that doesn’t allow his son to shoot 50 times a game. All of the instances this summer with him pulling his team and threatening to pull his team are simply not how a role model acts. It shows LaMelo how to QUIT when things don’t go your way. Fast forward a few months later, and now LaVar is showing LaMelo how to QUIT again. But this time it’s high school.

Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t trust LaVar to give LaMelo the education he needs. Any guy that never started for a Division I school that says he could have beat Michael Jordan 1-on-1 just isn’t rooted in reality. It’s open for debate whether you see this as excellent fathering, or over controlling. While I applaud LaVar for being such a huge part of his son’s life, and obviously being passionate about it, I believe it’s more likely he is doing more harm than good. Let’s also not forget that LaVar put LaMelo’s college eligibility at stake by creating a shoe for him. So not only will LaMelo not legitimately graduate high school, he may not be eligible to play in college either.

There is going to come a time when the man LaMelo Ball has to make decisions about his life for himself. What does LaMelo want? All the talent in the world doesn’t mean your life is cemented in NBA glory. Only the smart ones with the right guidance have a Plan B. It certainly feels to me like LaMelo is being dragged through the mud. And that leads me to my last LaVar comment…”Miss out on what?”.

That’s the scary part. LaVar has no clue. Ramona nailed it. Friends, proms, pep rallys, games…a solid education. Does he even care what LaMelo wants? From the first time I heard LaVar Ball’s name, it seemed like he was a guy trying to relive his glory days, live vicariously though his sons, and make all the decisions for them. A real Uncle Rico.

So let me speak for a few others right now. A few others that WILL now get it. A few others willing to do it Coach Latimore’s way. A few others that WILL know exactly what LaMelo is missing…

Nick Hall
Justin Barcenas
Onyeka Okongwu
Ofure Ujadughele
Will Pluma
Aibigho Ujadughele
Andre Ball
Hansen Clarke
Jaren Williams
Marcus Fountain
Marcus Solomon

That is your 2017-2018 Chino Hills basketball squad. Enjoy your season, and enjoy each other. This will be one of the best years of your young lives. Be proud, and grateful that you get that opportunity, and don’t have to MISS it. Some get it, some don’t.



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Brandon Reid

Brandon Reid

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