What a series we’re witnessing in front of our eyes. With their backs against the wall the Cleveland Cavaliers will not go away without a fight, and now they forced a Game 7 on Sunday setting up a gigantic showdown for the final game of the season. The way the Cavs are playing they are looking like the clear-cut favorites to win their first championship on Sunday, and they would be the first team in NBA history to overcome a 3-1 deficit in the Finals.

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After the first two games Cleveland was looking lost as it appeared that Golden State would cruise their way to a second championship, but all that has changed as the Cavs fueled by Lebron James (41 points, 8 rebound, 11 assists) saved their season for the second time in four nights. Lebron controlled both ends of the floor doing it all for his team as the Cavs got off to a fast start ending the first quarter leading 31-11. That would be a season low for Golden State, and for a team playing in the Finals in the shot-clock era. Most of Lebron’s assists went to Tristan Thompson (15 points, 16 rebounds) as I lost count how many times the big man went up every time James lobbed it up and slammed it down. Kyrie Irving (23 points 7-18 FG) saw a regression compared to his 41 point performance on Monday, but still did more than enough to help his team come out victorious. Kevin Love (7 points 1-3 FG) wasn’t anything to be excited about when you look at the stat sheet, but contributed by staying under the rim and fighting for rebounds. J.R. Smith (14 points 5-11 FG) was consistent as he came through for James and his teammates knocking down his shots.

The Warriors yet again had their chance to end the series, and put the Cavs away to complete their 73-9 season, but ended up unraveling as they now face a Game 7 after once leading the series 2-0. Draymond Green (8 points, 10 rebounds) talked a big game saying if he wasn’t suspended for Game 5 the series would’ve been over. Well he couldn’t keep his word, as Lebron had 3 blocks on Green alone, and couldn’t get his shots to fall in. Klay Thompson (25 points 9-21 FG) had a poor shooting night, but did score 15 of his 25 points in the third-quarter giving Golden State a chance to stay in it. Stephen Curry (30 points 8-20 FG, 6-13 3-PT FG) is still trying to wake up from his nightmare catching an unexpected 6 fouls, and would eventually get ejected after throwing his mouth-piece hitting a fan in the face. Curry was harassed and held in check for the majority of the night as we saw him miss shots that he comfortably would make 99 out of 100 times. Perhaps the biggest reason for GS being so inconsistent last night came from Harrison Barnes (0 points, 0-8 FG) being completely shut out by the Cavs D. Andre Iguodala (5 points) would leave early on with tightness in his back. Iguodala would return for the second half, but would leave for good shortly after. Golden State is hoping to have him at full strength for Sunday as he was a huge part of their success when they knocked out Cleveland in the Finals last year. Not to mention he was the Finals MVP.

From the opening whistle GS just did not seem right. They would bounce back in the second-quarter after going cold in the first, but they would find themselves playing catch up for the reminder of Game 6 even after climbing to within seven points. Draymond Green after running his mouth couldn’t put his money where his mouth is to bail his team out if his life depended on it.

Last night Lebron just played like a man among boys, and the 4-time NBA MVP that he is by not letting this series end on his home turf. While the fans are getting what they want the officiating continues to be questionable. Curry got called for some ridiculous calls, one of them being a clean steal over Kyrie. Curry would go own to tell the media after the game that after he was ejected all he could think about was still having the opportunity to redeem themselves on Sunday in front of their home crowd. Sunday can’t come fast enough as so much history is on the line for both teams in what is going to be must see TV. Game 7 tips-off Sunday 8 PM ET.

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