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Legends of Tomorrow went extremely dark while retaining its charm in the season two finale this week. Spoilers for Legends of Tomorrow from this point on.

Last week’s episode left the team in a very dark place, they were in a timeline were they didn’t have their powers, they’re just lackey’s to the Legion of Doom and they had just lost one of their own with another being in league with the Legion. This week the team decided to break the one major time travelling rule that they’ve had since the beginning, go back to a timeline that they had already participated in (which you could argue they’ve done before). This all made for an intense episode that really had a sense of urgency involved in it.

The team traveled back to 1916 and attempted to grab and destroy the Spear of Destiny from their former selves before the Legion had a chance to, obviously this all blew up in their faces as the Eobard from Doomworld traveled back with them, this came with a scary scene in which Eobard ripped Ray’s heart right of his ATOM suit and it’s at that point that you kind of realise that this version of the Legends aren’t going to survive, they’re expendable and no matter what aren’t going to make it out of this alive and it’s kind of saddening to think about.

I did find it kind of weird how the whole team was cool with trusting Mick after what just happened, the entirety of Doomworld kind of only happened because of him, the Legends could have found a way to get the Spear away from the Legion if Mick hadn’t betrayed them and to be honest, I did expect Mick to exit the show this season, maybe going back to 2017 and being on The Flash next season but I thought it would work out with him leaving the team.

After the Legends meets the Legends and they get the usual “You’re an impostor” things out-of-the-way the two teams have to work together to ensure that Doomworld never happens but this of course creates Time Quakes and a new one, a Time Storm. I loved how the original team (the one we’ve been following) refers to themselves as time aberrations, it was really weird to think about but they’re right, they’re from a timeline that never should have happened and this season started about erasing time aberrations from existence so it seems sad but fitting that the season ends with a time aberration version of the time being erased.

We got to see some very nice scenes with Nate, he gave the new version of himself some nice words of inspiration as he told himself to tell Amaya how he feels about her. I loved Nate’s final words of “Don’t be a douche” which he spoke to himself. I’m surprised the season didn’t end with both Nate and Amaya leaving, I assumed she’d go back to 1942 and Nate would join her, maybe they will in the season 3 premiere but it seems like they’re going to have to get rid of some characters early on at the start of next season as we have a confirmation that new characters will be joining up.

The final fight between the Legends and the Legion was really nice. It was great seeing the old team sacrifice themselves so that the new team could get away with the Spear, it’s kind of weird to think about though, the team we’ve been following since last season are all dead and we’re now following a new version of them, yes they’re the exact same in every way but they’re still not exactly the ones we’ve been watching, are they?

Before the Legends could reach the Waverider, Eobard shows up with his back up which is a literal army of the Reverse Flash and how amazing was it to just see them murder everyone, everyone except Sara that is who uses the Spear to fix the timeline, erase Eobard and save her friends. I did think the scene between her and Laurel was really nice though, I love Katie Cassidy and I honestly feel like this could be the last time we see her as this version of Laurel, obviously she’ll be back on Arrow but that’s a different Laurel all together.

The season ended with a very surprising and fun twist, the team literally broke time and now we have a 2017 version of America with dinosaurs running around and everything just out-of-place. I would mention Rip leaving and all but honestly I feel like he’ll be back early on in season 3.


8.7/10     Season 2 ended with a bang and I’m excited to see where and when season 3 takes us.


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