Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Review

legends of tomorrow season 2

Legends of Tomorrow’s second season was almost a complete overhaul from the first season and almost everything about this season was leagues ahead of the first, and I liked most of the first season. Spoilers for Legends of Tomorrow from this point on.

So from the very first episode of the season you could tell that this was not exactly the same show as last season, things were changed and definitely for the better. We get introduced to probably my favorite character of the season, Nate Heywood played by Nick Zano. Nate was a fun character and was a lot like Ray Palmer but still different in his own ways, the fact that the character was a hemophiliac and this added a sense of urgency and danger to the early missions that the character was involved in, it was also a unique take and differentiated him from the countless other heroes we’ve been introduced to in the Arrowverse.

But undoubtedly the biggest thing that made this season stand on its own was the Legion of Doom, a group of villains who all were connected to the Legends’ past in one way or another. This group of villains were almost the reverse (pun intended) of last years Vandal Savage. After the first five episodes of season 1, I was sick of Savage already, I wanted his story to be over and I honestly hope he never returns to the show on the other hand, by the end of this season I wanted more of the Legion. The episode titled “The Legion of Doom” is my favorite episode of the entire show and that’s mainly because it focused on the villains, it show how they all hate each other, they don’t trust each other and that given the chance they would kill one another, it was great.

Neal McDonough and John Barrowman had a lot of great moments but Matt Letscher as Eobard Thawne was the MVP of not only the team, but possibly the entire season. Matt stole every scene he was in and while we got to see him almost every episode this season, I wish we had seen more of him. I can’t say much about Wentworth Miller however, he played Captain Cold and his return to the show as a member of the Legion was highly anticipated but the fact that he didn’t properly show up until the final three episodes definitely hurt the character, while Miller had some nice scenes with Dominic Purcell, he didn’t really have any stand out scenes and that was kind of disappointing.

Another stand out character this season was Arthur Darvill as Rip Hunter. Rip was one of my favorite character’s in the first season, he gets a lot of unnecessary backlash for being boring but in my opinion he was interesting and enjoyable but whatever your opinion on the season 1 character, he was almost completely different in the second. Darvill got to play three different versions of Rip, the good one, the evil one and the hippy one and he played every single one of them brilliantly, so much so that at times you would forget about the other versions. The evil Rip working for the Legion was definitely the standout however. While it appears that Rip left the Legends at the end of season two, I have no doubt that he’ll return during the next season.

Another thing that worked this season was the introduction of the Justice Society of America and their version of Vixen played by Maisie Richardson-Sellers. The Justice Society’s first appearance stands to be one of my favorite scenes in the Arrowverse, the way they just completely stomp the Legends during their fight is amazing. While Masie’s Vixen wasn’t exactly a standout to the season she was still a fun addition to the cast and I enjoyed Amaya’s chemistry with both Nate and Mick. I was very surprised however that the character wasn’t written of the show at the end of the season, I really thought she was going to be a one season character.



9/10   Season 2 of Legends of Tomorrow was a complete overhaul of the show and it turned out the better for it.


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