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Okay, it’s official, I think that Legends of Tomorrow has just passed Arrow to become my favorite DC show this year, I said last week how crazy and comic book like Legends had gotten this season and how good this was for the show, well this episode continued this trend in every way and i’m almost one hundred percent positive that this is my favorite Legends yet (With Star City 2046 a close second, you can’t beat future Green Arrow).

So the Legends show runner’s and writers came at this episode from a completely unique view, they made the episode revolve around and be from the point of view of The Legion, with the side parts being about the Legends. This is apparent from the get go as even the opening is redone with Neal McDonagh’s Damien Darhk talking about The Legion’s plans for the season. All season i’ve been thinking to myself “I really really want an episode about the Legion” and this episode did just that.

So some of the best parts are Malcolm Merlyn and Damien’s tension between each other, they don’t trust each other because they know that the other is a villain and what they’re capable of. One of my favorite lines of maybe the entire season was Malcolm’s “Luckily Damien, I don’t find you threatening” as Malcolm clenches a knife behind his back. This tension obviously brings them to blows as the two former-League members fight it out, League of Assassins style. Meanwhile Phil aka Rip decides to use this opportunity to the tell the pair that they’re just being used by Thawne and that they’re essentially henchman. This was a great moment as you start to think, maybe there’s a bit of Rip still inside Phil because manipulating them like that, was a Rip thing to do.

After the failed first attempt of trying to get into Rip’s secret bank vault in Zurich, Malcolm and Damien decide to do their own way and without Thawne. We finally get to see Malcolm wear his Dark Archer getup once again. When Thawne shows up he finds that Damien and Malcom aren’t on the best terms with him and thus comes one of the best parts of the show: The Black Flash. Okay so we’ve known for a while that Black Flash was coming to Legends, we’ve also known that there was some reason why Thawne was never around that much, but I never thought to put two and two together, I honestly was thinking Thawne was running from either a Time Wraith or even just running over the timeline to mess with Barry, I like this reason a lot better.

The Black Flash scene was just pure Jurassic Park and I love it, I think for maybe the first time yet we really see Eobard scared, he looks so weak compared to The Black Flash and it’s great, it brings him down a level and gives him a weakness, it took the combined efforts of all three Legion members to stop Black Flash and it looks like for once that you really can lock up the darkness. But now it looks like the Legion are even more united and stronger than ever, they not only have most of the pieces of the Spear of Destiny but they also have Rip’s memories and even an evil version of Rip all in their corner.

I’d also be at a fault if I didn’t mention the Legends storyline, which while it couldn’t nearly live up to the Legion, it was still very good. Lilly shows up again to help the team figure out how to work the piece of the spear they took from the Legion, she does it but because of Mick being Mick (Mick was another highlight of the episode) she finds out she’s a time asphyxiation, wait no that’s not right, a time aberration. She has a heart to heart talk with Martin about this and hopefully she sticks around longer than this season.

Another thing I want to give props to is how much they’ve upped their game with continuity this week, Flash and Arrow both also had little connections to the other shows and Legends was no different, we had Malcolm watching Green Arrow kill Darhk on TV back in 2016, we had the Black Flash stuff, throwbacks to Eddie from season one of The Flash and even a board containing a picture of every speedster in the Arrowverse so far, besides the one they’re actually looking for.


After giving it all the praise I did it’s kind of obvious what my verdict is, I loved this episode so much and it probably ranks in my top 5 Arrowverse episodes of all time.



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