Last week on Legion, David mulled over future Syd’s direction to help Farouk aka The Shadow King find his body. Here’s a recap of season two, episode two, “Chapter 10”.

With its always unique settings, the episode began with David riding a merry-go-round with Lenny and Oliver discussing their plan. They wanted him to be a distraction so they could get inside of Division 3. He told them that he would help them but nobody could get hurt.

Image result for legion chapter 10After Oliver promised Farouk that David is in and they’ll find his body, we jumped to David, Syd, and Ptonomy in an awkward car ride with Fukuyama’s android assistants, the Vermillions. Ptonomy and the others planned to find Oliver first so Fukuyama can’t kill him.

When they reached the site Oliver was at earlier, they found it abandoned except for a jewelry box that triggered a memory in Syd. Elsewhere, Oliver and Lenny broke into Division 3, killing guards and turning others into animals. Cary and Kerry couldn’t do much against the pair and after their encounter couldn’t properly merge.

Before leaving, Oliver went to see Melanie in her drugged haze and asked if a monk was at Division 3. After waking up, she went to tell Fukuyama and we learned that this specific group of monks are the ones who hid Farouk’s body. The only problem is that the monks were supposedly wiped out years ago.

In the meeting, the vermillions declared that there’s a 63% chance that David’s been lying but Melanie and Syd defended him. On his way out, he examined the ashes of the people Farouk killed. His next stop was Cary who was now inside of Kerry instead of outside. He wanted to modify the chamber to go beyond space-time so he could see the future. Following Cary’s instructions, Kerry fiddled with the chamber’s controls with David inside.

David was able to talk to Future Syd who was surprised to see him. She explained that he kills Farouk in a week but they need him to be alive to kill what’s coming later. This unnamed thing kills everyone and Syd and the remaining few are in hiding. She can’t seem to get over present David’s lightness leaving fans to wonder what happens to him.

Image result for legion chapter 10On his way to head back to the tank, Clark pulled David aside to remind him that he’s being watched. David went to his room and called on Farouk to discuss their partnership. He woke up in the same field he saw Oliver in earlier in the episode.

Instead of appearing in Oliver’s body, Farouk appeared in a vision of his own body played by Navid Negahban. He advised David to step his game up. The mutant could read his mind and teased David about his anger.

The scene transformed into the pair wrestling before Farouk takes the form of a swordsman and David a tank. When they revert back to their original forms, David was able to get Farouk to agree to no more violence. After David left, Lenny appeared and tried to negotiate her way out of Farouk’s hold. Turns out that her original body is dead. She asked him to make her a new one. When asked what she would do with a new body, especially after she died again, she had no answer.

Back at Division 3, Kerry begrudgingly sang a song from their childhood to draw Cary out. Once outside, they notice that some of her hair has turned gray. Upstairs, Melanie advised David to take Syd and leave so they can live their lives away from the unfulfilled dream that her life has become on top of the burden of saving the world.

Image result for legion chapter 10Tired of keeping secrets, David found Syd on the roof and told her that her future self was the one who took him in the orb and told him to help Farouk. She trusted him and they decided that their next plan was to find the monk.

As they come to the decision, the scene jumps down to the chamber where those affected by Farouk are locked away, clacking their teeth. In the middle of the group, we saw a man with two lines on his forehead looking around.

Review of Episode 2 of Legion

This episode had a lot of plot development and it cool to see David and Farouk meet face to face. Navid played the role just as I imagined sinister, smug, and with a god complex. I’m sure Clark will be smug when he discovered he’s right, but not for the reasons he thinks.  I’m even more curious about what’s coming that’s got future Syd ready to have Farouk on their side. I’m glad that she trusted him but I’m not sure the others will believe David so easily.

Let’s see how long it takes the duo to locate the monk hiding in the same building as them. Also, I think it’s time that someone gets Melanie some fresh, non-drug influenced air. She needs hope from somewhere and she won’t get it stuck inside.

I’m giving “Chapter 10” of Legion a 10/10.

Legion airs Tuesdays at 10 PM EST on FX.


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