This week on Legion, the monk turned the tables while David got a warning from Amahl and future Syd. “Chapter 11” kicked off with another psychological vignette narrated by Jon Hamm that gave the scientific explanation and visual for what was about to go down in the episode. The segment posed the question, “If the idea of illness can become an illness, what else about our reality is a disorder?”

In a flashback, we saw Amahl Farouk fall into the monks’ hands after eating something and passing out at a table. His body was transported in an egg-like chamber and put underground in a monastery.  The monks went on living until they heard the sounds of Farouk trying to break out of the egg.

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At division three, the creepy little critter that represents ideas and psychological events crawled right into Ptonomy’s ear while he was asleep. Elsewhere, Cary made Kerry eat on her own and be independent, fearing their connection is changing. Things got moving quickly when Clark and the others discovered a bloody handprint inside of the glass where the contaminated people were held. Inside, a drip was left and a vent panel was out of place.

While the building was put on lookdown, David saw future Syd sinking into the ground and writing an “H”. Everyone split up to search for the monk and David got in the chamber. On the astral plane, he found Lenny while looking for Farouk. She begged him to help her escape as she’s losing it as his pet.

Farouk appeared and told him that the monk’s mind is impenetrable unless you know the trick. When David questioned if Farouk would be a villain after he got his body back, Amahl fired back that he ruled his country and his people prospered until David’s father, a white man who didn’t speak the language or understand their culture, intervened as if he had the right.

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David couldn’t feel sympathy for the man and went to leave but not before Amahl warned him that if he changed the present, Syd would cease to exist. He also warned that he wasn’t the one infecting people, it’s the monk who he simply follows. When David came back to himself in the chamber, Cary wasn’t in the lab and the hallways were dark and abandoned. The further he explored the worse things got as he discovered dead bodies and an infected doctor. The weirdest discovery was a cow that disappeared into thin air.

When he got to the cafeteria, he ran into Cary who thought he was there to attack him. Once they settled down, Cary explained that he saw the monk in the base using a song to control the guards. Upstairs, they found Ptonomy had succumbed to the infection. They proceeded into their friend’s mind where David used his powers to break Ptonomy out of his mind maze.

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David saw another flash of future Syd but assured the others he was okay. It didn’t take them long to find Melanie and go into her mind. They’re surprised that her mind was complete darkness. Their obstacle in her mind maze is a word game. They had to type in answers on a glowing keyboard. In her mind, she’s able to control the world unlike in reality. When they can’t solve her puzzles, David types a story that reflects Melanie’s story with Oliver. She finally appeared and allowed him to wake her up.

When he got another flash of future Syd, he made the group split up. On his own from Cary, David is shot by guards with a stun blast and brought to the monk. Immobile, David saw the monk’s memories as if they were his own. Farouk’s powers had begun to leak throughout the monastery causing a monk to have a fit of laughter, others to kill themselves, and others to become infected.  Unable to stand it, the monk left.

While looking for David, Cary found Kerry but was unable to help her until he merged with her to hide from the guards. Melanie and Ptonomy find Fukuyama but the monk was using his mind and the vermillions to communicate. He wanted the weapon that division three was rumored to have to kill Farouk. He explained that they didn’t know Farouk was a monster when they took his body. Fukuyama explained that they never got around to making weapon because new issues kept coming up.

Melanie volunteered David as the weapon just as he walked into the room. The monk didn’t want David’s help and before he could reveal that David was working with Farouk, the mutant transported them to roof to chat. Mid-conversation David saw the final letter in future Syd’s message spelling out “Hurry”. Instead of revealing the location of the body, the monk threw himself from the roof. David didn’t have much time to worry about it as he also found an infected Syd on the roof. When he entered her mind, he found himself in a snowstorm.

Review of this week’s episode of Legion

With all the travel between the astral plane, the physical world, and David teleporting himself, it’s not hard to get lost in where each scene is taking place. I love the scenes between Amahl and David. There’s so much tension and the performances from Navid and Dan are electric.

The monk, played by Nathan Hurd, was interesting but it was easy to guess that he wouldn’t just give David the information he wanted, especially after seeing into David’s mind. I wasn’t expecting him to kill himself though. It’s not surprising that Syd’s mind maze is going to take a little bit of extra work next week. I’m also very curious about what’s going on with the cow and Cary and Kerry’s ability.

I’m giving this week’s episode of Legion a 10 out 10.


Legion airs Tuesdays at 10 PM EST on FX.


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